The Business

The Business makes crafting the highest quality coffees and hot chocolate a breeze and can produce up to 150 cups per day.

The Business office coffee machine
The Boss office coffee machine

Meet the Boss

Meet the Boss - something of an authority in bean-to-cup coffee machines. Delivering top-notch results and easily handling up to 300 drinks per day.

Say hello to the Angel

If you're looking for that authentic, fresh milk coffee experience, the Angel makes light work of up to 200 drinks per day.

The Angel fresh milk office coffee machine
The Champion office coffee machine

Everyone loves the office Champion

A star of the office for both its usefulness and results, this reliable device consistently steps up for your team and delivers up to 100 drinks a day.

Welcome the Apprentice

There's nothing amateur about this Apprentice. Perfect for smaller offices and areas where you need up to 50 drinks a day.

The Apprentice office coffee machine

Friends Who Have Great Taste

Businesses in London and all around the UK can’t get enough of our coffee. Here are a few of our caffeine loving friends...

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