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A love of coffee and our planet for the perfect blend

Our incredible journey starts by working with farmers to produce, blend and roast the best coffee possible. Through our social projects and sustainability initiatives, we've taken time to work with nature to create the perfect cup of coffee.



Fairtrade & organic coffee

Welcome to a world of coffee where the well-being of the farmers and the land is just as important as the final product in your cup.

We work hand in hand with Puro Coffee, our Fairtrade and Organic coffee brand. Puro works directly with farmers to support communities and help preserve the rainforest. Our most recent farm is located on five acres within the Puro Rainforest Reserve in Honduras.

We’ve reforested the farm with native trees to provide shade, using composted coffee cherry pulp as organic fertiliser. Our organic methods have encouraged the return of wildflowers and native birds and bee species. By operating our own farms in eight countries, we’re able to prioritise the health of the land.

With Puro, we’re changing the coffee industry for the better, one bean at a time.



Saving the rainforest

When you choose the Office Coffee Company, you’re helping to protect the rainforest. We can safeguard 19m² of this precious landscape for every kilo of Puro coffee you purchase.

Through our partnership with the World Life Trust, Puro gives back to the Earth, honouring Indigenous sustainability principles.

Across 15 Puro reserves in 8 countries, we’ve protected 320km²+ of the rainforest.

That’s real change - we’ll drink to that.



Puro social projects

Through Puro’s community initiatives, the Office Coffee Company tangibly improves the lives of local people. We currently contribute to three charitable initiatives:

  • Trees 4 Schools - This innovative charity plants trees on South African school grounds, providing vital green space.
  • Coffee Growers of Congo - Empowering people in the DR Congo with tools to boost harvest and revenues. 
  • Orangutans of Borneo - We buy and protect Malaysian rainforest, creating safe landscapes for endangered orangutans.


Coffee roasting

Not just another coffee supplier. Our strength is sourcing coffee worldwide. We are part of Miko Coffee, a family business established over two hundred years.

Here in the UK, we roast speciality coffee in one of the regional small-batch coffee roasteries.

Our hands-on approach means we are meticulous about the coffee we provide.

Our bean-to-cup machines guarantee that every cup of the coffee we provide is fresh and delicious - you don’t have to leave the office for barista-quality flavour.



Cutting carbon emissions

“What if we’re wrong about climate change and create a better world for nothing?”

From growing, processing, and then shipping the beans, the coffee business certainly racks up the miles.

That’s why the Office Coffee Company believes so strongly in offsetting our carbon emissions. In fact, Puro Coffee is already carbon neutral up until 2024, and we plan to keep on going.

We want to warm your mug, not the planet.



Coffee tasting sessions

We love arranging coffee tastings - they’re a chance for us to showcase our delicious coffee and build a relationship with you and your team.

We’ll take you on a fun and engaging journey around the world of our coffee and teach you everything you need to know about what goes into your cup to make the perfect cup.

There is no pressure to buy on the day. We only ask that we fully understand your brief before a tasting, either on the phone or during an initial meeting, to develop a proposal and recommendation for your business.

Click here to organise a coffee tasting.



Getting you started

Following a simple over-the-phone assessment of where you would like your coffee machine installed, we deliver and install your new machine free of charge.

On the day, we’ll ensure everything is up and running smoothly and show your team around the machines menu and any nominated people you are allocating as responsible for looking after the case of the new machine. 

Unlike some of our competitors, only our service team is an in-house team - no subcontractors will ever turn up at your office.



No one likes adding more waste to landfills. To keep your used coffee grounds out of the bin.

At your request, we can arrange for First Mile and Bio-Bean (the world’s largest coffee grounds recycling company) to collect them from your office or business premises.

They will process your used grounds into carbon-neutral fuels.

Every little measure counts - your dedication to sustainability helps make lasting change and boosts employee morale.



Simple, responsive aftercare

Now that you have your new coffee machine, you need top-notch support to keep it running smoothly.

Our Total Care package includes all emergency repair calls and regularly scheduled maintenance to change filters, descale and clean the machine, and test drink quality.

Best of all, if you purchase your beans from the Office Coffee Company, we’ll permanently extend your machine’s manufacturer warranty.

That way, repairs and maintenance are always included.



Incredible working culture

There’s nothing like chatting with colleagues and brainstorming over a great cup of coffee - the ideas just flow more smoothly.

Office coffee culture can be so much more than a trip down to the high street coffee shop or a sad spoonful of instant.

At the Office Coffee Company, we believe that great coffee, great times, and great work go hand in hand. Give your team the boost they need and contact the Office Coffee Company today.

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