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Office Coffee Culture

Who Are We? 

Founded in 2011, the Office Coffee Company provides coffee service to workplaces across the UK and supplies regular deliveries of its in-house roasted, ethically sourced coffee from large city centre offices to the smaller out-of-town workplace.

With quality and taste at the forefront of what we do, we believe offices, retailers, warehouses, factories, industrial units – all employees deserve a great cup of coffee.

A Staple of the Workplace

Over the years, workplace coffee has become a staple of the everyday work routine. After waking up to a cup of coffee at home, employees want to head to the office and start their workday with another cup of delicious coffee. They expect great coffee in the workplace.

Gone are the days of instant coffee served from a tin with a plastic spoon. Now the workforce expects a fresh cup of bean to cup coffee served straight from a commercial coffee machine that delivers that little piece of heaven. Great coffee and productivity go hand in hand after all.

Saving You Money

Have you considered how much time is spent nipping out for coffee to get a decent cup from the local coffee shop? Save time, increase employee satisfaction, and keep them motivated with a coffee machine that will defy their expectations and make them happy that they work for a company that cares. In just a couple of minutes, your employee has got up from their workstation, poured themselves a cup of the finest coffee and are back at their desk again.

Simply order online at the “Coffee Shop” with next business day delivery or organise a coffee tasting so we can help you match one of our in-house blends to your liking.

Why Choose the Office Coffee Company?         

Our in-house servicing means that you aren’t reliant on manufacturers and lengthy lead times to fix faulty machines. In fact, all costs are included in an annual fee which includes servicing and changing the BRITA water filter twice a year which contributes towards protecting your machine and keeping it running smoothly.

Not to mention that we are experts in the market and know great coffee. Our small but dedicated team is here to serve you and your business ensuring that we deliver great coffee for your workforce. 

With a clear focus on sustainability and putting Fairtrade smallholder farmers first, the Office Coffee Company grows based on putting customers and quality first and providing a comprehensive service back up.

Thirsty for more? Take a look at all of our coffee and water machines on our business page here.

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