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Office Coffee Culture

When your employees want a cup of coffee, they look over at the sad tin of instant granules or the tired old vending machine, and they grab their coats instead. After all, for a great cup of coffee, you need to head down to the high street coffee shop, right?

Wrong. With office coffee machines from the Office Coffee Company, barista-quality espresso drinks are at your fingertips. For more than ten years, we’ve been banishing bad coffee and bringing our customers quality in a cup. Our speciality is curating coffee machines for your workplace, because we believe that great coffee, great times, and great work go hand in hand.

Did you know that fostering office coffee culture can boost company productivity and morale? Everyone takes a few minutes out of their day to breathe, chat, and enjoy a finely-crafted beverage. Your new office coffee machine will create talking points and lift everyone’s spirits, rewarding your staff for all of their hard work.

However, office coffee culture is about a lot more than simply brewing up a flat white before a brainstorming session. Your employees and clients want to see that you take the ethics of coffee seriously. That’s why we offer single-origin, fairtrade, and organic coffee from our local Puro partners.

With coffee farms in eight countries, Puro supports local communities and reforests the land with native trees, healing the earth and helping farmers. That’s an office coffee culture everyone can be proud of with every sip.

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