Our environment

Without clean water and a healthy environment, we have nothing.

That’s why we believe so strongly in protecting and restoring the rainforests of South and Central America. Every cup of Puro coffee helps to protect and reforest the cloud forests of Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil, and Colombia.


Honduras Coffee conservation

While Honduras is home to threatened rainforest, the government doesn’t always have enough money for conservation projects. As a result, local communities are forced to get creative and look for international partners to help with vital initiatives to protect the land. That’s where Puro Coffee comes in, making a tangible difference in the lives of local people and protecting thousands of acres of rainforest.

We are honoured to partner with Puro Coffee and the World Land Trust in their innovative conservation efforts. Through a shared love of coffee, we have been able to support a biological corridor for critically endangered species, including the discovery of a new frog species, the Pristimantus puruscafe. Most importantly, these initiatives have protected fresh water sources and made them safe again for consumption, benefitting local Indigenous communities and keeping children safe.

Finca de Puro Café

Harmonising Fairtrade organic coffee farming with nature

Puro leads the way in corporate social responsibility. They don’t just purchase the land, they implement strategic plans that protect wildlife and help local communities in tangible ways.

Our rainforests

No water? No coffee.

The rainforests of Central and South America are the lungs of this planet, cleaning the air, filtering the water, and providing a home to millions of people and many endangered species. Tragically, thousands of plant and animal species are facing extinction before they are even discovered.

With the efforts of organisations like Puro and the World Land Trust, we can protect vast areas of the rainforest and conserve it for generations to come.


Protecting our rainforests is more crucial now than ever

We believe that the Puro and World Land Trust models are the way of the future. By returning a percentage of the profits back to the community, we can foster their efforts to grow local capacities and conserve the rainforest.

Rather than simply buying the land to grow coffee, Puro invests in local infrastructure and education, ensuring that everyone benefits from the reforestation plans. As a result, local people feel invested in the success of each project, provide their input on future plans, and lead new initiatives.

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