How to make the perfect cafetiere coffee

Coffee is the staple drink of any self-respecting workforce. So why serve boring, tasteless coffee when you could be serving extraordinary coffee?


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You’re not just serving coffee, you’re sending out a message that your clients and staff are worth more than cheap, average, instant coffee. You’re sending out a message that your business stands for quality and good taste.

It’s all in the detail and the detail is our freshly ground, aromatic speciality coffee.

We pride ourselves on roasting, rich-tasting coffee and coffee-making equipment that has the power to impress.

What better way to serve up luxury than in one of our cafetieres? The only thing between you and a steaming mug of our delicious blend is some fresh hot water. Our cafetieres are the answer for those who want quality coffee at their desk the simple, convenient way.

In fact, many people are actually unaware there even is a particular method for making cafetiere coffee, so armed with our guide, together with our range of lovely cafetieres and partnership with CoolEarth coffee, we’re on a mission to change that and have workplaces all over the UK and further afield enjoying fabulous cafetiere coffee!

This is how to make the PERFECT cafetiere coffee:

1. Start by pre-warming the cafetiere with hot water (this helps keep your freshly brewed coffee toasty warm until it’s ready to be served).
2. Measure one scoop of freshly ground coffee per person (or 15g per 250ml of water if you’re unsure of how many people you will be serving). Don't be afraid to experiment here. Coffees from different origins often benefit from more than one scoop per person to deliver their full taste potential.
3. Add hot water (a little tip – the water will be just right at 97 degrees Celsius if you happen to have a thermometer to hand!)
4. Leave to brew for approximately 3–4 minutes. That's the perfect amount of time to let the office soak up the enticing aroma of those freshly ground coffee beans!
5. Now stir the blend with a wooden spoon (stirring a glass cafetiere with a metal spoon is not always a good idea since it conducts heat!)
6. Using a spoon, scoop off any grounds floating on the top of the coffee (often referred to as “the crust”) - this will vastly reduce any sediment and makes for an all-round better cup.
7. Take delight in smoothly pressing the plunger down to the bottom (almost there!)
8. Serve and enjoy the rich, smooth taste of the perfect cup of cafetiere coffee.

If you’ve been tempted by our guide to making the perfect cafetiere coffee, why not check out our fabulous range of cafetieres? Don’t forget that we can also bring the sustainable brand Cool Earth’s freshly ground coffee to your workplace too – the perfect accompaniment for one of our cafetieres.

Download our brochure or arrange a tasting and bring amazing coffee to your office today.

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