Our top 10 biscuits to go with your office coffee

​It's a controversial subject, we know. It's easy for an argument to break out in the office over biscuits, but we're willing to enter the fray.


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So, here are the biscuits we think are the best for pairing with your break time coffee. Feel free to let us know if you think we're wrong (we're sure you will!)

10. Rich tea

The thing about rich tea biscuits is that they're basic and straightforward, yet incredibly popular. They're a safe bet with no surprises.

9. Ginger nut

The ginger nut taking such a low ranking will probably ruffle a few feathers, but not everyone likes ginger and even fewer like it with the added coffee taste.

8. Jammie Dodger

Look, we don't care what you say: strawberry jam and coffee does go well together. Sure, it's got to be the right moment - this is definitely a post-lunch coffee biscuit - but it gets this place for offering something a bit different.

7. Digestive

The hardy brother of the rich tea, the digestive is a sturdy biscuit that will soak up a lot of coffee before breaking up. This makes it a great shout when breakfast is far beyond you and lunch is still out of reach. It's a perfect choice for the later afternoon cups, too.

6. Chocolate digestive

Usually adding chocolate massive improves a biscuit, but with a digestive it's only a slight one. One of the best aspects of the digestive is its simplicity, so the chocolate topping adds a slightly too fancy aspect. Having said that, the addition of chocolate to coffee is always great, hence it beating out the normal digestive on this list.

5. Chocolate hobnob

The hobnob is a top biscuit, but really peaks when you add chocolate to it. As we just said, chocolate and coffee is a perfect combo, while the hobnob itself goes well with both. Excellent biscuit, excellent coffee pairing.

4. Custard cream

Many might put this further up the list, but we're happy with this spot. The custard cream flavour pairs well with the bitterness of coffee, and we place this combination as a decent mid-afternoon choice.

3. Shortbread

Shortbread is an incredible biscuit, and it goes so well with coffee thanks to its absorbing qualities; few biscuits can soak up as much coffee without falling apart in your hand.

2. Bourbon

A fully chocolate biscuit with a strong cup of coffee. What else was going to take second place?

1. Lotus biscuits

This can't be argued with, in our humble opinion. Found loitering next to your coffee in cafes all over the country, you need to get some of these into the office too. Based on these alone, we'd say caramel makes a better partner with coffee than even chocolate. Mouth watering yet? Why not add some office biscuits to your next coffee order?

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