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How to choose the perfect coffee
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How to choose the perfect coffee

03 December 2018

You need a boost after a meeting and find yourself standing in front of the office coffee machine, favourite mug in hand. But what do you choose?

  • 6 Coffee Trends to Embrace in 2019

    With 2019 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to look ahead at the six biggest coffee trends.

  • Drive productivity in the workplace with quality coffee facilities

    ​Coffee is a staple of modern working life. With the number of coffees sold each and every morning reaching millions worldwide, many of us can’t function without a good old cup of Joe.

  • How office coffee culture can boost morale in the workplace

    High morale in the workplace is best known as when employees spirits are high and they exhibit confidence in their capacity to take on their daily tasks with a cheerful and pro-active approach.

  • 4 surprising and little known facts about coffee

    Coffee is, without doubt, one of the world's most popular beverages. Whether you like it strong, sweet, black or milky, - how much do you really know about the coffee you're drinking?

  • Starting your day right before the office day begins

    ​Sometimes it can be challenging to wake up and feel energised for the day ahead. With a few simple, easy and actionable routines, you can change your outlook, allowing you to start the day right!

  • How to deal with the most annoying person in your office

    Wherever you work and whatever you do, the chances are that there is one colleague in your workplace who really, REALLY gets on your nerves.

  • 9 Reasons Coffee Helps You Be Successful

    While some people are struggling to engage second gear and yawning their way through the morning, coffee drinkers are already cruising through the am hours.

  • Are you on your Coffee game?
    Are you on your Coffee game?
    17 September 2018

    As coffee purists will tell you, not all coffees are born equal. To truly savour this wonderful beverage in all its glory, you need to know some key facts.

  • Why you should have a coffee machine in your workplace

    It’s well known that coffee is a valued commodity and has been traded the world over for hundreds of years, but did you know that it is the second most valuable commodity traded globally today?

  • Five of the world's coolest offices

    ​Office design and layout is extremely important to overall worker satisfaction and happiness.

  • Five Office Moving Hacks
    Five Office Moving Hacks
    09 August 2018

    While your moving date approaches, stress and anxiety can be all consuming. Packing up all your stuff in temporary boxes just to relocate them to another office is never anybody's idea of fun.

  • 6 easy ways to green up your office

    As the old adage says, think global, act local. With that in mind, here are just six easy ways to make your office greener.

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