Do your bit for climate change with Cool Earth Coffee at work

As ​many organisations are realising the importance of providing their employees with coffee at work, topic of environmental impact and sustainability is growing.


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Many organisations are realising the importance of providing their employees with coffee at work. Having the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee at work is incredibly enjoyable and for some employees a necessity to function at their best. However, as the topic of environmental impact and sustainability is growing, many employees are beginning to question the environmental impact of drinking coffee. The Office Coffee Company has teamed up with Cool Earth to bring you Cool Earth Coffee and address the sustainability of coffee.

The award-winning charity, Cool Earth, working with a renowned designer, Vivienne Westwood, introduced a new brand of coffee for retail in 2010. The packaging alone of the product is exceptional, with a sleek black, elegant design. The inspiration behind the coffee was to create a product that would taste wonderful to coffee lovers and give them the opportunity to preserve endangered rainforests with every purchase.

The Office Coffee Company joined the initiative shortly after its launch and together, Cool Earth and the Office Coffee Company started a journey to protect the most vulnerable tropical rainforests. The two companies have been working with smallholder farmers to incorporate Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, and organic coffee blends into their coffee mission.

Cool Earth Coffee comes from organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Certified Farms. By purchasing this product for your office, you will be acquiring high-quality coffee and at the same time activating a donation that reinforces the preservation of up to five rainforest trees in Cool Earth’s Ashaninka partnerships. Plus, you will be appreciating the hard work of farmers who plant, cultivate, maintain, and harvest the coffee that you and your co-workers get to enjoy.

If you purchase Cool Earth Coffee for your office, your employees will not only get to appreciate a delicious tasting coffee, they will appreciate your efforts to buy sustainable products. This is also a great coffee to offer new clients or employees as businesses face more and more pressure to go 'greener' showing your company's ethics and passion for the environment from the moment you offer someone a drink, won't go unnoticed.

At the office, coffee boosts employees’ attention, encourages socialisation, discourages tired and sedentary behaviour, and ensures employees have a healthier alternative than fizzy drinks. However, without the capacity to work peacefully, a good atmosphere that facilitates liberty, and the freedom of expression, it would be difficult to appreciate a cup of coffee. Instead of just fulfilling your coffee cravings, you will also feel better about yourself knowing that you played a part in saving the planet. You contributed to the protection of its largest rainforests and showed gratitude to the coffee farmers who made it possible for you to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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