How To Reduce Office Stress

How To Reduce Office Stress

From self-care to establishing boundaries, these office stress relieving tips will make your time at work more enjoyable.

How do you reduce office stress? A common question we all ask ourselves, but what can help? We have compiled a list of helpful tips to reduce your office stress; continue reading to learn more. (Don’t forget, a good cup of coffee can sometimes do the trick!)

1. Practicing Self-Care

    Starting strong and ensuring you are taking care of yourself and your physical and mental well-being is essential. Fitting in exercise around a busy work schedule can be difficult, but if you can, you will benefit from the endorphins that will boost your mood. Self-care can also be eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep per night to help with energy levels and prepare you for the busy work day ahead. Ensure you are making time for what you enjoy and relaxing, which will help increase your mood and mental health.

    2. Work-Life Balance

      We all know the infamous saying ‘work-life balance’, but it truly is important. Seeing friends and relaxing are great ways to make time for the important parts of your life outside of work, which also helps prevent burning out. If you have not already considered yoga or meditation, this tip may be for you. These practices can help to reduce stress levels immediately and improve your mood. Many free tools are available to teach beginners these practices, so why not give it a go when you next ask yourself how to reduce office stress?

      3. Creating Good Working Relationships

        Remember, your colleagues are probably in a similar boat, and speaking about your shared working experiences can help solve stress-causing problems. It is worth spending time forming these strong relationships as you never know when you might need help with your workload and want someone to turn to when your stress levels are rising. These relationships and possible friendships can help give perspective and support to help guide you through difficult situations. According to the Harvard Business Review, these healthy relationships can make the working day more enjoyable, and colleagues can feel motivated and inspired to do better.

        5. Reaching Out For Support

            It is important to note that there are plenty of people and resources available to help you when you need some extra support. These can include internal company support services, external support services, colleagues, friends, family, self-help videos, podcasts, and more. We understand that it can be daunting to make the initial step, but these can be extremely helpful for those struggling with office stress. Apple has created a list of podcasts that are relevant for those dealing with work-related stress, have a look and see if these could help you.

            5. Establishing Boundaries

              This tip could be easier said than done; however, it is worth implementing boundaries into your work and personal life. These could be when you leave work and do not look at emails or answer phone calls until the next working day to ensure you can step back from work due to non-working hours. You could also designate a part of your home for working and try to only work from here to avoid letting work spill into all your personal spaces. Of course, these boundaries depend on the type of work you do and where you do it, but try implementing some and see how it goes!

              6. Enjoy a Good Coffee!

                We may be biased, but a good coffee can sometimes answer the question: How do you reduce office stress? Everyone should have access to great coffee in their workplace. If you want to upgrade your coffee machines, we suggest our premium range of coffee machines, tailored exactly for office use. 

                This blog intends to answer the question: How do you reduce office stress? We hope you took away some helpful tips, and if you have any questions about how the Office Coffee Company can support your business, please get in touch today.

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