A valued team

Recent studies have revealed that implementing a coffee culture can bring about an 85% improvement in company productivity and morale. That’s only 25 points away from the 110% that most bosses require! Put in place both incredible coffee and a new coffee machine that creates talking points and lifts spirits - providing your staff with the breaks that they deserve for their hard work.


Creative spaces

With an increased emphasis on flexible working, it’s no surprise that there’s a less formal feel to many modern offices. Meetings take place out of the meeting room and benefit from a more relaxed, collaborative and creative environment, which are perfectly complemented by fresh coffee and the focal point, it provides.

Roast and ground ethical coffee that makes a difference

Choose Cool Earth Coffee and you’ll join a growing community who through their love of coffee are helping families and communities say no to illegal logging in the Amazon Rainforest. Here’s what we’ve achieved so far...