Sustainable Coffee

2010 saw the environmental charity Cool Earth launch a new coffee for the retail sector with the celebrated designer and environmental campaigner, Vivienne Westwood. With every purchase, coffee lovers made a donation that helped save endangered tropical rainforest.

Inspired by the coffee-loving and planet-saving idea, we partnered with Cool Earth to ensure that our unique range of sustainable coffee protects the world’s most at-risk tropical rainforest too.

Sustainable Coffee Packet
Cool Earth tins

A lot has happened since the early days, whilst continuing to work extensively with smallholder farmers we have developed the range to include more fine Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and organic coffee blends.

By choosing Cool Earth Coffee for your office you will trigger a donation that protects up to 5 rainforest trees in Cool Earth’s Ashaninka partnerships. Not bad for a cup of coffee!


Cool Earth Coffee Beans

Get the most out of your bean-to-cup coffee machine with our outstanding range of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and organic coffees.


It all starts with a Coffee Tasting

Our fun in-house coffee tasting sessions can help you pick the right beans and blends for your office. We come to you, so why not organise yours today?

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