Cool Earth Celebrates 8th Birthday

Back in 2007, Cool Earth worked with three villages - now over a hundred new villages want to partner with Cool Earth, and the queue keeps growing.


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Cool Earth now has more rainforest under 24/7 protection by indigenous people than any other NGO – with 120,405,600 trees kept standing.

Cool Earth Coffee was launched in 2010 by celebrated designer and environmental campaigner, Vivienne Westwood to appeal to the nation's coffee drinkers, and harness their love of coffee to save endangered tropical forests.

Working with Cool Earth means that together we have the chance to protect more rainforest through community partnerships than any other charity or any government.

Buying Cool Earth Coffee for your office not only helps support coffee farmers in developing countries; it will also protect many trees at risk of being logged in the Amazon Rainforest.

Each mature tree locks in at least 1 tonne of CO2 with some rainforest trees storing up to 30 tonnes of CO2. With deforestation contributing 20% of the entire global CO2 emissions, the charity, Cool Earth, highlights the value of saving the rainforest one tree at a time.

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