Top marks for the business

Top marks for the business

These days, office workers expect to be able to get a great cup of coffee without any hassle when they arrive at their desks. Say hello to the Business, a bean to cup coffee machine that delivers.

People are becoming more discerning when it comes to coffee and employers are under pressure to keep up with changing tastes. That’s why we’ve launched ‘The Business’, a bean to cup coffee machine that’s perfect for medium sized offices. The days of the instant coffee pot and kettle are coming to an end, make sure your business is ready for what’s coming next.

We’re always accounting for taste

The Business offers the full range of delicious coffees that your employees will expect. From a quick hit of espresso first thing in the morning to a flat white in the afternoon and a rich tasty hot chocolate at the end of the working day, the Business has everything covered. The Barista Brewer can brew a variety of full bodied drinks from fresh coffee beans in matter of seconds. Your office will have the drink they enjoy right at their fingertips and will no longer have to nip out to a coffee shop to get a really good coffee, allowing them to spend more time at their desk getting on with what’s most important.

Super office friendly

Not an expert in maintaining coffee machines? Don’t worry, the Business is super low maintenance requiring only a few moments each day while the clever cleaning technology flushes the system to ensure you continue to enjoy incredible coffee’s each day.

No unexpected repair costs

A traditional way of acquiring a coffee machine means a high ticket purchase price or lease with pay as you go costs for repair and ad-hoc maintenance. Understandably there can be much chaos a broken coffee machine can cause, which is why we offer the TotalCare package to ensure that your machine remains in the tip top condition it was in the day that it was first installed. TotalCare includes regular maintenance visits for descaling and filter changing, ensuring that your machine always delivers a coffee that tastes great. Be sure to ask our team about the TotalCare package when you make an enquiry, it may well be the best way to ensure that you always have great tasting coffee on tap for your team. Best of all, it costs one simple annual fee at much less than you’d think.

We’ll keep your team full of beans

Expert’s in coffee, we know we can help you create an office coffee culture that everyone will enjoy. Our coffee experts are on hand for coffee tastings to showcase our range of ethical and speciality coffees that are quite simply, bursting with flavour and real people pleasers. Once we have polled opinion we will set up your new machine with your preferred coffee and then quietly in the back ground monitor it’s performance to make sure the quality is maintained.

Get your message out there

The Business features a video screen on the front of the unit. It’s straightforward to upload your own video to the machine and change it regularly. This means that you can use The Business to play corporate videos, show the latest company news or anything you desire. The time that your staff spend making a coffee in the morning is a great chance to let them know about the latest achievements and goings on across the company - The Business makes it easy and straightforward to convey this type of information to your team. Since the Business is capable of making around 200 cups of coffee every single day, a lot of people are going to see your message.

We believe that great tasting coffee makes any office a much better place to work. With The Business, it’s possible for more people to enjoy a great drink at their desk. If you would like more information on the machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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