The benefits of taking coffee breaks at work

The benefits of taking coffee breaks at work

Whatever your job, whether it involves long hours in front of the computer or manual labour, coffee breaks are an essential part of the day.

Without coffee breaks, productivity would likely drop and staff morale would fall rapidly. With that in mind, take a look at some of the benefits of taking coffee breaks during the working day.

1. Coffee breaks offer time to de-stress and relax

No matter how much you love your job there is no denying that work can be stressful. High workloads, complicated tasks and tight deadlines can all aid feelings of stress, making employees frustrated or anxious. A coffee break offers staff a much-needed step away from the pressure and allows them some time to relax. This makes the workload more manageable and staff will return to their desks feeling refreshed.

2. Coffee breaks help keeps you awake and alert

Work can be taxing on the brain, which can lead employees to feel tired and worn out. A much-needed caffeine hit can help staff to feel awake and alert again, meaning they will be able to focus on the tasks at hand. Coffee is known to improve performance and memory, making the brain work more efficiently. Many people find that productivity soars after coffee breaks, and fewer mistakes are made as a result of feeling more alert.

3. Coffee breaks encourage workplace friendships

Coffee breaks are a perfect opportunity for employees to get to know each other and form friendships. These friendships make for a strong team, which will work well together and support each other. It also means that there will be a positive atmosphere in the office, as employees will bond and create healthy colleague relationships. Enjoying being around the people you work with really aids job satisfaction too, so you will find yourself with a happier and more enthusiastic workforce.

4. Coffee breaks support good health

There are many health benefits to coffee, with studies showing that coffee can even offer protection against Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and liver disease. Drinking can also aid a healthy immune system and boost metabolism. For a more immediate health effect though, taking a coffee break encourages employees to step away from their desks and stretch their legs. Sitting down all day can lead to major problems, so getting up to walk around should be encouraged for anyone who works sitting down. Being away from the computer is not only important for healthy legs, but for healthy eyes too. Staring at a screen without taking a break can cause damage to the eyes or an increase in headaches.

As an employer, you should be encouraging staff to take short coffee breaks at certain points throughout the day. To keep staff on site, and make coffee breaks even more efficient, invest in a quality office coffee machine. Here at the Office Coffee Company, we offer a wide range of coffee machines to suit your company size and budget, for affordable high-quality coffee that will make a huge difference to your coffee breaks and staff morale. Contact us today for more information.

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