Lifting cocoa producers from poverty

Lifting cocoa producers from poverty

We take a look at how our chocolate partner, Barry Callebaut has been working to lift poverty of cocoa producers around the World.

In 1997, Fairtrade International began steps to improve the lives of farmers and workers. Today, the FAIRTRADE Mark is recognised in more than 50 countries worldwide. More than 4,500 products in the UK have Fairtrade certification. Amongst those, Barry Callebaut Fairtrade certified cocoa.

- How does Barry Callebaut chocolate lift cocoa farmers from poverty?

Lifting cocoa farmers out of poverty requires a change in the cocoa farming industry. It’s a change that’s already happening, but Barry Callebaut wants to take it even further. That’s why Barry Callebaut established the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

As a result of Cocoa Horizons, more than 130,000 cocoa farms are recorded on the Katchilè database. This takes into account everything from the size of the farm to the quality of the soil in which the cocoa’s grown.

Cocoa farmers can work with Cocoa Horizons to develop their own Farm Business Plans, working to improve sustainability.

Launching products in several countries including Brazil, Indonesia and Ghana, Cocoa Horizons has researched fertilisers, pruning techniques and crop diversification, to help farmers to maximise productivity and profit.

- Are these methods sustainable?

These methods allow farmers to maximise their use of the land. By diversifying, they’re making the most out of every inch of soil. By using the best fertilisers and pruning techniques, they’re able to harvest more cocoa pods. They’re using the land more efficiently and effectively, but sustainability is also important.

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation has distributed more than 2.1 million cocoa seedlings for replanting in cocoa farms. In addition, more than 393,000 shade trees have been planted to protect these farms.

- How do Barry Callebaut products support Cocoa Horizons?

When you purchase Barry Callebaut cocoa, you know that it starts with sustainable cocoa farms. It starts with farmers being supported to maximise productivity, making the most of their land.

Through the 2017/2018 financial year, the sale of Horizons products generated the equivalent of £8.5 million for Cocoa Horizons endeavours. That year, the program reached more than 70,000 farmers with coaching and support, business plans and income diversification.

- Why support sustainable cocoa farming?

Sustainable cocoa farming benefits everyone. It supports the farmers, working hard on their land to get cocoa and chocolate to your coffee machines. It also benefits you, with the knowledge that your beverages are coming from sustainable sources. You know that any fertilisers used have been researched in great depth, and that the soil quality is monitored for superior cocoa year-round.

Over time, Cocoa Horizons hopes that sustainable cocoa will be available everywhere. But we’re not there yet.

By purchasing Barry Callebaut products and putting hot chocolate in your coffee machine, you can support Cocoa Horizons and contribute funding to lift farmers out of poverty.

- Why does this matter to the Office Coffee Company?

You know that the drinks being served in your office, with an Office Coffee Company machine, are all sustainably and ethically sourced.

We believe that great beverages can be enjoyed guilt-free, in workplaces all over the country.

All of our coffee machines use Barry Callebaut chocolate. It’s nice and warm for winter days in the office, and is a flavourful high-quality hot drink. With Fairtrade certification, Barry Callebaut chocolate provides a fair deal for the farmers and cocoa producers.

You can purchase Barry Callebaut chocolate for your office coffee machine, providing its deliciously rich flavour to every office employee. Hot chocolate drinks can be served up alongside our other sustainable products, like organic and speciality coffees.

So far, the Cocoa Horizons Foundation has lifted more than 170,000 farmers out of poverty. By choosing Barry Callebaut products for your office coffee machine, you’re helping to lift many more.

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