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Office Coffee reduces its carbon footprint by 17%
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Office Coffee reduces its carbon footprint by 17%

11 July 2019

The Office Coffee Company is proud to announce that we have slashed our carbon footprint by 17%, and we’re continuing to look for new ways to go green.

  • How to be a sustainable coffee drinker

    By following these top 5 tips you can you can save money and help save the environment at the same time while still enjoying your daily office coffee break.

  • 7 Ways to reduce office waste

    We all know the importance of recycling and reducing our use of paper and plastic. We recycle at home, but what about recycling in the office?

  • Co-working space in London relies on great coffee

    Here at The Office Coffee Company we pride ourselves on providing ethically sourced, fresh coffee to our customers from our easy to use bean to cup machines.

  • Is this the future of coffee?

    Climate change threatens to obliterate the coffee industry as we know it. However all is not lost - yet.

  • ​ Reduce waste in 2019 by recycling your office coffee

    When it comes to the office, the amount of waste the average employee produces can be far more significant than you might think.

  • Cool Earth: the Highlights of 2018

    Deforestation causes up to 20% of manmade global emissions, the time to back the fight against climate change is now.

  • 6 easy ways to green up your office

    As the old adage says, think global, act local. With that in mind, here are just six easy ways to make your office greener.

  • London buses powered by your used coffee grounds

    Coffee is the fuel that sets thousands of Londoners up for a busy day in the nation’s capital, and now it's being used as a fuel in a more literal sense.

  • ​Saving the rainforest whilst you work (and enjoy a coffee)

    In the last 40 years over half of the world's rainforest has been destroyed. Enjoying a cup of coffee at work is just one small way you can do your bit.

  • Eco friendly coffee
    Eco friendly coffee
    26 September 2016

    Results show offices supplying eco-friendly Cool Earth coffee to their workforce are really making an impact on protecting the rainforests.

  • Our sustainable coffee story

    Way back in the annals of our history we were continuing our exhaustive search for the perfect coffee and we came across something amazing.

  • Happy 9th Birthday Cool Earth

    In 2011, we partnered with the charity Cool Earth to bring their coffee, a collaboration with designer Vivienne Westwood, to workplaces across the UK.

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