Happy 9th Birthday Cool Earth

In 2011, we partnered with the charity Cool Earth to bring their coffee, a collaboration with designer Vivienne Westwood, to workplaces across the UK.


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This collaboration has brought a much needed ethical component to the day to day office coffee experience: by choosing the Office Coffee Company's Cool Earth Coffee for your workplace, you help to build a sustainable future for the planet's rainforests, whilst delivering a great product to your employees.

Cool Earth has been at the forefront of this sustainability since its formation, and we very much look forward to working with them in the future.

With their eighth birthday this month, we look back at some of the fantastic achievements of Cool Earth.

Education is a significant issue in rainforest communities, with a significant lack of funding in place, as well as constant threats to their environment as a whole. Cool Earth has striven to protect these communities and ensure that children have been given the best start in life that they can have, by supporting 13 rainforest schools. With these in place, children can strive for a brighter future, and have the opportunities that they deserve.

In addition to this, Cool Earth has been instrumental in funding fish farms for rainforest communities, the financial support for which is vital to ensure a source of protein in areas where such things may be scarce. This is an absolutely fantastic achievement, and one that builds self-reliance in communities - which aid alone cannot do.

Healthcare is also a massive issue in terrain that allows very little scope for emergency services or doctors. Through their initiatives, Cool Earth is investing in 39 buildings to help tackle such issues, including vital health posts - a hugely significant undertaking, and one that is important for the communities and infrastructure in the areas.

On top of these excellent projects, Cool Earth has kept 120,405,600 trees standing in their eight years, something that is absolutely vital to the future of the planet.

We are honoured to have collaborated with them. Happy birthday, Cool Earth, and many happy returns!

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