Five Office Moving Hacks

Five Office Moving Hacks

While your moving date approaches, stress and anxiety can be all consuming. Packing up all your stuff in temporary boxes just to relocate them to another office is never anybody's idea of fun.

Here are five office moving hacks to make your job, and your move, just a little easier!

Organisation is key

Label your boxes so you always know what’s inside. Labelling may seem time consuming and unnecessary, but just imagine trying to find the coffee to get you through that first busy morning and rummaging through twelve boxes that look the same! Labelling your boxes may take an extra five seconds but it will make a world of difference.

Colour classification helps

If you like knowing just what to do in a single glance, classifying each bin or box by colour is definitely a good moving hack for you! Putting a strip of coloured tape or marker on your box in accordance to which room it belongs to will tell you exactly where it needs to go with one glance.

Label fragile items

Nobody likes to open a box to something that’s cracked and useless. Are you packing something that’s easily breakable such as glass pieces or electronics? Make sure to label the box as fragile to avoid unwanted and unnecessary breakage! This might take extra time, but it’ll save you a world of misery.

Get professional help

If you’re having doubts or uncertainty about all the heavy lifting that moving requires, hire professional help! It will reduce so much anxiety and stress so you can focus on the finer details. It’s okay to ask for help.

Setting up service

Contact all the utility service providers to get service in your name. Make sure you have all the services ready the day you take possession of the office, whether you move in that specific day or not. That way, if you want to go over prior to moving in to check the place out or stock the refrigerator and so on, you will have what you need.

Scouting out the land

Whether you are new to the area or not, it’s a good idea to check out the area surrounding your new place. Have an idea where important things are like convenience stores, parking, and the best lunch spots in town.

Hiring the movers

Finding reputable movers is important as you prepare to move into your new office. Research online for a company to hire that is experienced, insured, and careful. Make sure to contact them in plenty of time prior to your move so that you can get the date you want.

Packing your things

Most people pack their items themselves, although some moving companies will do it for you. If you decide to do it yourself, pack in an organised manner to make it easier when you move it. That way when you move in, if you need something in a hurry, it will be easier to find.

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