A year in the life of Cool Earth

A year in the life of Cool Earth

Our charity partners, Cool Earth are an important part of our business and our customers. So much so we named our coffee after them. We take a look to see whats been happening in 2014.

Each purchase of Cool Earth Coffee triggers a donation that protects areas of Rainforest under threat from illegal logging and ranching. This year was a record year and saw some significant milestones and developments.

Record rainforest saved
Cool Earth’s plan for 2014 was to protect 500,000 acres, and they achieved it in mid December. Here are some other key achievements from Cool Earth

100,000,000th tree saved

In 2014, Cool Earth reached a fantastic milestone: 100,000,000 trees have been saved. Placed end to end, these trees would reach around the earth 75 times. Cycling their length would be the same as doing the Tour de France 819 times.

Cool Earth chocolate bars

The first ever Cool Earth Chocolate Bar was produced (we’ve tried them - they are good!)

It’s exclusive, organic, single origin, handmade and traceable right back to our partner villages. What more could you want? This chocolate has doubled local income for Ashaninka partners in Peru – earning far more than logging could ever pay.

Rainforest schools

No education leaves rainforest villages vulnerable to exploitation. Without the means to read the agreements pressed on them by loggers, how can villages know what they are committing themselves to? In 2014, Cool Earth equipped six rainforest schools with learning resources.

Awacachi Project in Ecuador

This project secured the long-term protection of 55,000 acres of Ecuadorian Chocó forest, one of the most endangered regions on the planet. This key tract of forest is forming a forest corridor to link more than 900,000 acres of protected rainforest, protecting the habitat of 33 species on the IUCN Red List, including the Great Green Macaw.

Awajun Project in Peru

The Awajún people are northern Peru’s largest indigenous nation and are renowned for their fierce independence. With their forest under threat from oil and gold extraction they are once again being forced to defend their territory. Cool Earth are aiming to protect 56,000 acres of Awajún forest by outpricing forest destruction.

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