9 Reasons Coffee Helps You Be Successful

9 Reasons Coffee Helps You Be Successful

While some people are struggling to engage second gear and yawning their way through the morning, coffee drinkers are already cruising through the am hours.

Maybe you drink coffee all the time or just enjoy the occasional cup, yet you probably don’t fully comprehend how beneficial your tasty beverage is to your success. If so, here is some refreshing news for you!

Coffee Drinkers Earn More Money

A study published in the Daily Express revealed coffee drinkers in the United Kingdom earn, on average, £2,000 more than their colleagues and tea drinking counterparts. The study also discovered that workers that drink coffee are also less prone to be late for work than those that drink tea.

High Achievers Drink Coffee

An article in the Guardian acknowledged drinking coffee as being synonymous with the identity of high achievers. Time is precious for successful people, a mug of coffee in the morning helps to kick-start the day and get you moving in the morning. Instead of slowly rolling out of bed, those that drink coffee are ready to chase their daily goals as soon as possible.

Coffee Drinkers are More Interesting and Fun to be Around

A 2014 study showed that coffee drinkers are considered more fun and more exciting to be with by their work colleagues. They tend to contribute more to teams and like to engage in discussions and activities.

Coffee Could Extend Your Life Span

According to studies published by CNN, drinking coffee has several health benefits which results in those that consume the tasty drink living for longer and being less likely to suffer from heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Coffee is Good for the Brain

Although it isn’t a cure for brain diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, studies published in Scientific American have shown that regularly drinking coffee is linked to a reduced chance of suffering from the diseases.

Coffee Makes You Smart

The caffeine content in coffee blocks the inhibitory transmitter adenosine in the brain. This is why drinking coffee gives you higher energy levels, increases reaction times, and generally improves the cognitive function of the brain.

Coffee Drinkers are More Physically Active

Caffeine acts like fuel when it enters your bloodstream, increasing your body’s adrenaline level and enhancing physical performance. Some people swear that having a mug of coffee an hour or so before hitting the gym increases performance levels.

Drinking Coffee Reduces the Chances of Suffering From Depression

A Harvard study came to the conclusion that drinking coffee several times during the day reduced the risk of suicide by around 50%. Coffee boosts morale and decreases the chance of suffering from depression by 10%. The mood-boosting effect of coffee is linked to its high levels of anti-oxidants.

Drinking Coffee Minimises Health Risks

According to studies by Diabetes Journal, coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes. While those that already have the disease are less likely to die from complications of diabetes if they are regular coffee drinkers.

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