​5 surprising health benefits of coffee

​5 surprising health benefits of coffee

It's delicious to drink and provides a burst of energy and productivity in the morning, but did you know that coffee can do also wonders for your health?

Studies even suggest that drinking up to three cups of coffee per day could make you live longer. Here are five amazing health benefits that can come from drinking your cup of joe.

1. Lower risk of liver disease

Liver disease is an umbrella term for a number of conditions such as cancer, hepatitis and cirrhosis; the World Health Organisation found that drinking a moderate amount of coffee can reduce your chances of getting any of these liver-related diseases. Coffee has also been found to slow the progression and development of liver disease in people who already have the illness. The vast range of antioxidants in coffee helps the liver to return to its normal functions and rid the body of toxins.

2. Lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes

While a healthy diet and good exercise regime are the best way to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes, coffee drinkers are said to be less likely to have the condition. The presence of magnesium in coffee stimulates the body’s production of insulin, regulating the hormone’s activity. The burst of energy that caffeine provides allows you to get more work done, yet the stimulant also increases insulin sensitivity so that more of the hormone is produced.

3. Reduce your chance of getting a stroke

Research shows that when consumed in moderation, coffee can regulate blood flow and prevent artery blockages that cause a stroke to occur. Coffee is also packed with essential B vitamins that play a direct role in preventing a stroke; the vitamins help to protect and repair the inner walls of arteries so that they are less likely to burst and cause a haemorrhage.

4. Lowered risk of Alzheimer’s

Caffeine can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and can even help to combat symptoms from those who already suffer from the condition. Caffeine is excellent at reducing brain and cellular inflammation which is the primary cause of memory loss and cognitive decline. It’s no wonder that coffee makes you work at your peak level of performance as it can enhance long-term memory and the ability to recall information, which is why it’s so beneficial for those who suffer from memory loss.

5. Combat the symptoms of asthma

While you should not replace coffee with your prescribed medication, the drink has been found to improve the adverse symptoms associated with asthma. Caffeine produces very similar effects as the drug theophylline, which is used to open up the airways to relieve wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Caffeine can improve lung functions for up to four hours after it has been consumed and reduce the number of doses needed from an inhaler.

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