Workplace Coffee. How Does it Increase Productivity?

Workplace Coffee. How Does it Increase Productivity?

We have talked about how coffee can increase productivity for your staff but what about the many different types of coffee?

We have talked about how coffee can increase productivity for your staff but what about the many different types of coffee? Will an espresso make you more alert? Does a latte have the same impact? We take a look at how workplace coffee can increase the productivity of your staff.

Caffeine prevents your brain from absorbing a chemical called adenosine. This chemical triggers the flags in your brain that let you know you’re tired.

For an instant boost that lasts several hours, an espresso is the fastest way to increase productivity. As the basis of most popular coffee drinks, it’s probably the purest form of coffee you will drink. Just be sure not to drink it before bed! Great when you need to be alert or on point for a meeting or a presentation or you just need a wake-up and shake up! Espresso doesn’t take long to consume and for those on the go, or in a hurry, a quick shot of coffee may be just the ticket.

All Coffees Start with an Espresso

Take an espresso and add hot water – that’s simply an Americano. Believed to have originated from the soldiers in Italy in World War II to make their coffee last longer, it is a diluted form of espresso - the same amount of coffee but more palatable for those who don’t want it quite that strong. It is a great coffee for increasing productivity in the workplace and one that lasts a bit longer than an espresso shot.

Espresso is the Key Ingredient

There are many types of coffee that have evolved over the years to suit how people like to take this popular drink. Different cultures and countries enjoy different traditions but the one key similarity is that espresso is the main ingredient!

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Macchiato
  • Mocha

We discuss the various types of coffee in another blog but, given that espresso is the basic ingredient of all of the above, it stands to reason that one coffee, in whatever format would do the same for productivity.

The key variable here, when relating to productivity, is how many cups of coffee you drink, how long your coffee lasts etc. If you have 3 shots of espresso to your colleagues 1 Americano - will you be more productive or will you just end up with the caffeine shakes during the first meeting of the day?

The Strength of the Coffee

If you have ever eyed the shelves of the supermarkets for coffee beans, for example, you will see packets with lots of numbers and descriptions which can often be confusing. There are numbers that refer to the strength of the coffee beans. Then you have Columbian, Ethiopian, Ecuadorian… the list goes on. Choosing the right coffee beans can be a task in itself.

Choosing the right balance for your workplace coffee is key. Too strong and you may have staff that is over alert – not strong enough and they are struggling to get the same hit from their morning caffeine intake. A workplace coffee tasting could be just the ticket. We can come to your office and let you and your staff try for yourself to ensure that you get the blend just right!

Just Add Sugar

Adding sugar into the mix will give you a temporary sugar hit that may boost your energy. Granted, like the caffeine, it won’t last all day but if you need a wake-up after a late or sleepless night before a meeting, a sweet coffee may be just the ticket. Coffees like mocha, for example, are hot chocolate with a shot of espresso in. Much-needed caffeine and sugar boost before a meeting or that after lunch lull although maybe a little two-sweet for some.

Getting the Best Out of Staff

As employers, the best approach is to cater to all. Make sure you have a bean to cup office coffee machine that allows them to choose how they want their coffee. For those that don’t like to, or have reasons, for not consuming caffeine, they don’t have to miss out. You can offer decaffeinated coffee too. Then, of course, there is a huge range of herbal teas to choose from. At the Office Coffee Company, we can ensure that your coffee at work ticks the boxes for all of your staff and that your workplace coffee increases productivity.

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