Why it's important to connect your coffee machine to a mains water supply

Why it's important to connect your coffee machine to a mains water supply

Having your bean to cup coffee machine connected to mains water and using a filter is not just a good, idea - it's essential to the sooth running of your machine and saves you money.

Water filtration is essential if you want to guarantee the best-tasting coffee and the premium performance of your new bean to cup coffee machine.

The importance of filtered water

Just as a kettle can be adversely affected by limescale, your coffee machine can be adversely affected by using unfiltered water. The grinding plates can become scaled, causing damage to the machine if you don’t commit large amounts of time and effort to keeping the limescale away.

Filtered water, therefore, can reduce the need for time-consuming maintenance and prevent costly breakdowns and specialist repairs. It is also essential for achieving the best-tasting coffee, especially in areas where limescale is a particular problem, such as London and eastern and southern England.

Limescale and hard water

Limescale is an issue in hard water areas – which account for around 60 percent of Britain. Mineral-rich water can have health benefits but it can also have harmful side effects which will affect the performance your coffee machine.

If this type of water is heated beyond 55°C or is allowed to stand, moisture evaporates and dissolved minerals start to solidify, creating limescale. This can cover the heating element in your coffee machine, as well as affect the taste, and, according to British Water figures, just a 1.6mm limescale layer can reduce its efficiency by around 12 percent. It can also lead to elements burning out far faster than they should.

The BRITA commercial solution

Given that 98 percent of a cup of coffee is made up of water, it stands to reason that ensuring its quality is essential. This means that the water should be pure and have a fresh taste and no smell. It should also have a well-balanced mineral content to allow the aroma of the coffee to develop,

Here at the Office Coffee Company we use commercial BRITA water filters can make this quality ambition a reality by preventing scaly deposits from building up and affecting the performance of your machine and the taste of your coffee. It will also prevent limescale from unnecessarily raising the risk of costly breakdowns and lowered efficiency.

Filtered mains water; the ideal ingredient

So essential it is to get the water right, we include BRITA on every installation. One of our quality team will also change the filter on each visit along with a descale of your coffee machine, to save you time and expense doing it yourself.

If you would like to find more about our coffee machine and service get in touch with us today to find out more.

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