UK employers are not providing hot drinks of choice

The latest hot drinks survey from the Office Coffee Company reveals a shift in office workers demanding a choice of hot drinks.


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The latest hot drinks survey from the Office Coffee Company reveals an even greater shift in office workers demanding a choice of hot drinks from their employer.

Over the past two years, surveys by the Office Coffee Company have revealed more and more offices are making their hot drinks with a filter machine, coffee pod machine or fresh bean-to-cup coffee machine.

However, the 2016 survey highlights that offices are still not providing for 40% of workers who are unable to have their preferred hot drink at work.

In fact, over 53% of office workers are leaving the office during the working day to purchase a hot drink (up from 40% in the 2015 survey).

“Coffee shop culture has created a nation of connoisseurs who know how they like their coffee” comments Richard Doherty, managing director at the Office Coffee Company. “People have greater expectations with regards to coffee quality; they also want variety and to experience new tastes” he adds.

“Coffee shops and roasters are producing better quality coffee all the time,” notes Luke Thorpe, head of coffee at the Office Coffee Company. “We need to ensure that office workers benefit from the same level of quality and taste experiences they see on the high street.”

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