​Top office complaints from employees and clients (and how to solve them)

​Top office complaints from employees and clients (and how to solve them)

Here are a few of the most common complaints, as found by our experts, so you know what you should deal with to get the most out of your workplace.

When people become distracted by their environment, it becomes difficult for them to focus on the task at hand.

For employees, this will lead to a loss of productivity and efficiency, and for clients this is likely to manifest in a worse deal for the two of you, while also impacting the client’s perception of your business and brand. As such, ensuring that the office is as comfortable as possible should be a priority.

1. Wrong temperature

The two most common complaints regarding the office are that it is either too hot or too cold. An office that is too warm is likely to make users irritable and easily frustrated, while being too cold will result in lethargy and potentially higher illness rates. By ensuring that a consistent temperate is maintained at a suitable level for the weather outside, you can easily remove this problem, increasing productivity.

2. Cleanliness

Dirty bathrooms and other public areas have a significant effect on employees’ happiness levels. No one wants to work in a dirty environment, and performance is likely to be affected due to this. Equally, no client is going to be impressed with a firm that is not welcoming and presentable; your guests will also make the link that if you don’t care about the cleanliness of the building this may also be reflected in the way you do business. By ensuring that you carefully vet your cleaning vendors, or by working with these vendors to address any problems that arise, you can quickly remedy this situation.

3. Too much noise

Noise levels can have a big impact on concentration levels, and it is more difficult to really focus on the intricacies of a project when you are being constantly distracted by high noise levels. Internal noise levels such as phone calls or air conditioning units can be lowered by good design elements, including carpeted floors, office partitions and office plants. External noise may be somewhat more difficult to counter, but simple steps like curtains and careful positioning of employee desks and meeting rooms can solve this. In more extreme conditions, sound proof windows could be considered, but it is best to try and address these problems through efficient planning and placement first.

4. Bad coffee

Coffee is the most common drink found in offices, with most employees drinking at least one cup a day. It’s also the go-to drink for clients and other guests upon arrival. As such, having great coffee with not only perk up your employees, but will impress new clients, giving them an excellent first impression. If you can offer the client a choice of coffee, and are able to explain the differences between them, you will immediately come across as knowledgeable and accommodating, which is likely to help with your future business negotiations.

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