​Survey reveals offices ‘could do more’ to improve CSR

​Survey reveals offices ‘could do more’ to improve CSR

Our latest ‘how green is your office’ survey reveals there’s still a lot more work to do to improve corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The latest ‘how green is your office’ survey from the Office Coffee Company reveals there’s still a lot more work to do to improve corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Over 65% of respondents cited their office ‘could do more’ to be environmentally friendly.

Only 27% claimed to be ‘doing everything’ they could to be environmentally friendly.

Almost 8% said they didn’t make any effort at all.

60% of office workers felt that it was ‘very important that my employer has positive green credentials’.

Asking about environmentally friendly behaviours, many offices appear to be doing the basics like switching off lights and recycling paper, cardboard and food/drink packaging but there is a surprising lack of support (25% of respondents) for purchasing from suppliers with green credentials.

“The research highlighted that recycling of food waste, particularly coffee grounds is particularly low in offices” comments Richard Doherty, managing director at the Office Coffee Company.

This statistic is of particular interest to the Office Coffee Company who has recently launched a coffee grounds recycling service for clients based in Greater London. The service is provided in partnership with bio-bean, the first company in the world to have industrialised the process of recycling waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels.

On the research findings, Arthur Kay, bio-bean ceo comments “Like Richard, we are surprised that such a quick CSR win is overlooked. Coffee waste is especially high in energy-rich oil and every year hundreds of thousands of tons of coffee waste is produced in the London area alone. bio-bean has the potential to recycle 50,000 tonnes per year, one in ten cups of coffee drunk in the UK. “

The Office Coffee Company, a provider of ethical, beverages and coffee machines for businesses, is on a mission to ensure nobody has a bad coffee at work ever again. With a range of coffee that triggers donations that support the rainforest charity Cool Earth and a monthly subscription service for speciality coffees, the Office Coffee Company also provides next day delivery via it’s online store.

The Office Coffee Company were recently awarded a Green Impact Gold award an environmental certification and awards scheme run by the National Union of Students. Green Impact focuses on providing simple actions supporting employees to make environmentally friendly behaviour changes in the office, and at home.



The online survey was distributed April 2016 to office workers based in London and the South West (UK). All 500 respondents worked in offices with 50+ employees.

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