Reasons why your office needs an office coffee machine

Getting a coffee machine for the office might not have crossed your mind before, but you'd be amazed at how a good coffee machine can be to improve your day.


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Most of us go into an office every day for work, normally in the early morning and spend the majority of the day there. Getting a coffee machine for the office might not have crossed your mind before, but you'd be amazed at how a good coffee machine can be to improve your day. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a good-quality coffee machine.

Increased productivity

If there is a short coffee break between a manager and their employees, it can help improve their relationship, both in and out of the office. It also refreshes everyone's minds and keeps people energised during the working day, not to mention no more power naps under the desk!

Saves time

Making a cup of tea or coffee with a kettle takes time, especially if there's only one person making drinks for the whole office. Many people also take valuable time out of their working day to grab some coffee from an over-priced high street coffee shop or are late to work in the morning because the queue is so long. The time people spend getting coffee could be better spent working if they had their very own coffee machine in the office.

For your customers/clients

If your office regularly has customers or clients coming in for conferences and/or business opportunities, then you definitely need a coffee machine. A good cup of coffee will provide a lasting impression, indicating that you have an eye for excellence and perfection. But don't think that bad coffee will destroy your chances with a customer/client, it just won't give your customer that extra little something.


With one of our many bean-to-cup machines, you will provide your office with an unrivalled quality cup of coffee. Say goodbye to instant coffee made with kettle water and there's no need to be a trained barista at a coffee machine. You will have fresh coffee that is sure to put everyone in a good mood.


By making a small investment in a coffee machine, it means your employees will spend more time working productively and possibly making a good impression on customers/clients which leads to your business being seen in a positive light. By getting a coffee machine you can take away the money you'd spend on boiling a kettle, going to coffee shops and ordering coffee to your office.


Having a break with a good cup of coffee and engaging in conversations with colleagues that doesn't include work is a great way to get to know one another better. This helps the whole office to become more integrated and open.

Your employees need cups of coffee throughout the working day to beat the daily grind and improve moods. At the Office Coffee Company, there is a wide range of products available, from tea and coffee to machines and syrups. For more information on what products we sell, contact our friendly customer team today or visit our store.

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