Office Coffee Machine Options

Office Coffee Machine Options

With so many different types of coffee that you can choose to provide in your office we examine which is best.

There are many different types of coffee that you can choose to provide in your office. This ranges from bean to cup office coffee machine options to having a jar of instant in the cupboard. We take a look at the pros and cons of the various ways to serve your employees their coffee:

Coffee Pods

Pods have become increasingly popular in recent times but until very recently, the issue has been what to do with the empty pods. They are also sniffed at by those that are true coffee connoisseur representing the death of espresso and the barista. With such an extensive coffee market, this is possibly a little dramatic.



They are designed for convenience and they provide consistency of taste. If you like your morning Nespresso for example then you have a product you can rely on. Just push a button and you’re done.

Packaging Keeps them Fresh

Freshness is guaranteed due to their packaging however, they aren’t quite as fresh as the bean to cup alternative.

Lots of Choice

Choose the type of coffee you want instantly - the pod contains the pre-ground coffee and milk needed for that instant hit


Difficult to Recycle

Some varieties are difficult to recycle, especially those made from plastic or aluminium. There are developments in this areas but you are still producing waste that you don’t get with pure ground coffee, which you can use on your garden or for other benefits.

Not all Pods Fit All Machines

You need a specific type of capsule for some machines. This means you have to be able to get your brand of pod in the supermarket when in a hurry.


They can be high cost - especially if you aren’t the type that buys your coffee daily from the local coffee shop

It’s just not the same as fresh ground coffee however, many seem to like it. 

Filter Coffee

There are two main type of filter coffee – the French Press and the Drip Coffee method. Whichever you choose, there are pros and cons to choosing filter coffee over other methods of making your morning coffee:


Health Benefits

Using the drip coffee method involves filtering out sediments and oils that are released. The oily parts are called diterpenes, two types of which are found in coffee – kahweol and cafestol. These are linked to increased cholesterol levels so filtering coffee could be considered good for you health. If you are trying to decrease your cholesterol levels but don’t want to give up coffee, this could be your answer.

Strength of Coffee

Using the cafetière method can mean that you control the strength of your coffee. Measure the amount of coffee used, leave to brew for longer or shorter periods depending on how strong you want your coffee.


Time Consuming

Whether using the French press cafetière or the drip method, both of them can be time consuming unlike using a machine where you just touch a button. You could be waiting 5-8 minutes for your coffee, including the time it takes to boil the kettle.


It takes some getting used to, especially the cafetière method. If you brew it too long, your coffee is too strong, too short a time and it will be too weak.


Using a filter paper traps the fats and oils of products, in this case it can be the flavour of the coffee.

Instant Coffee

Look away now if you are a coffee snob! Instant coffee is a hard ‘no’ for those that really appreciate good coffee however, it is still one of, if not the largest coffee market globally.


It’s Instant

Instant coffee is great for those in a hurry. A teaspoon of coffee and boiling water and you’re done. It’s called instant for a reason!

Less Caffeine

If you like your coffee but not so much the caffeine effects, instant contains less. A cup of instant contains between 30 and 90mgs of caffeine with regular coffee containing between 70 – 140mg.

It’s Readily Available

Even in the smallest convenience store or fuel station, you will find a jar of instant coffee. It’s easy to find, grab and go!


More Chemicals

Instant coffee has more chemicals than regular ground coffee In fact, it can contain two times more acrylamide than freshly ground coffee.

Shelf life

Not only does instant coffee have a shelf life, it also isn’t as fresh as alternatives. Many people tend to keep it in the cupboard as an emergency so, if you’re not a regular instant drinker, it can be out of date before you’ve used it all.


Many of you coffee lovers will agree that instant coffee just doesn’t have the same taste as freshly brewed coffee.

Bean to cup

Bean to cup is favoured by many as the freshest and most convenient way to serve coffee. Modern machines have great capacity and are built to be more eco-friendly in standby mode. We could find more pros than cons for this particular option but we will keep it brief.



If you want the freshest possible coffee then you want a bean to cup machine. This type of office coffee machine has built in grinders meaning that you get freshly ground coffee and preserve the flavour. Literally grind the beans moments before you pour the coffee.

Easy to Use and Quick

Of all the office coffee machine options, the bean to cup machine is so easy for staff to operate and is super quick. Rather than then taking time to boil a kettle and wait while their coffee brews, they just touch a button and pour.

Environmentally Friendly

The waste from coffee grounds is collected by companies that use it to improve the environment. It can also be used to improve the soil in your office plants!

Serves Many

The beauty of the bean to cup office coffee machine options is that they serve more people. The capacity of them is great and will keep your office workers supplied with fresh coffee all day long.


Cost Compared to instant

It’s more expensive than instant however, we have already mentioned that there is less caffeine in instant so, you may increase productivity with a bean to cup option.

Needs Maintenance

A bean to cup machine serves more people (a pro right?), but it will need more attention than other office coffee machine options.

Cost of Machine

We don’t want to be negative about this as productivity from staff will far outweigh the cost of the machine!

What’s right for you?

If you would like to discuss your office coffee machine options, we are happy to have a chat. Get in touch and find out what’s involved and how our solutions can help your company.

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