Moving Office Guide

Moving Office Guide

​If you've ever been involved in an office move, you'll be well aware just how difficult and stressful it can be.

Shifting your whole operation to new premises, while keeping your business up and running can be stressful. Fortunately, planning ahead, and following our five top tips from the Office Coffee Company, can help avoid those panic phone calls, furniture failures, and lost boxes.

Picking the right place for your business

There’s no point thinking about the big move until you’ve picked where your business will be moving to. Make a list of your essential requirements - from location to size and from security to the terms of the lease. Most crucially, make sure you can actually afford the office you want, and don’t worry too much about the looks - a lick of paint can work wonders - but check you’re allowed to redecorate first! Also, check out the local area. Is there parking? What are the local public transport links like? Are you going to be able to park the removal trucks outside? And where are you going to get your office coffee?

Plan, plan, and plan again

Once you’ve picked the place, it’s time to plan your move. When it comes to moving offices, there is no such thing as too much planning. Ideally, you want to start making plans months in advance, rather than weeks. It’s going to take time to look at all of your options and make sure you can get the best deal. Anything less than three months is likely to limit your options.

Some things to think about:

Make sure you order new furniture in time for your move (you can’t rely on shifting desks from your old office, especially if you want staff to keep working during the move).

Have your broadband and phone systems up and running a week before you move in, so there’s time to iron out any problems.- You’ll need to change your business address on stationery, business cards, etc. Make sure you leave yourself time to order enough new supplies to be ready as soon as you move in.

And, don’t forget the coffee machine! Once the stress of the big day kicks in, you’ll be glad you already have it up and running.

Get the right furniture, make the most of your space

The right choice of office furniture can make the difference between an efficient office which is a pleasant place to work, and a nightmarish, unproductive rabbit warren. Don’t rush into making decisions, and don’t be afraid to ask suppliers for samples and swatches to make sure you’re happy.

Above all, measure at least three times to make sure everything fits - both in your office, and through the front door!

Reducing noise

Many new offices are bare concrete boxes. Get carpet and curtains if your new office is echo-prone, and make the most of soft furnishings to reduce reflected noise and make your workplace more comfortable.

Packing up and moving

You definitely need to hire a reputable, professional removals company; this isn’t the time to pay £20 to your mate with a transit van! Take time to plan with your removals company exactly what you need to move, when, and in what order.

Taking the time to make sure that everyone understands what needs to be in place in the new office before everything else can be packed up at the old place can really prevent problems.

And once you’re all moved in, you can relax with a cup of your favourite office coffee and take pleasure in a job well done.


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