How office coffee culture can boost morale in the workplace

How office coffee culture can boost morale in the workplace

High morale in the workplace is best known as when employees spirits are high and they exhibit confidence in their capacity to take on their daily tasks with a cheerful and pro-active approach.

Workplace teams with high-morale often exhibit more willingness to embrace their designated tasks for the day with positivity and a can-do attitude. So how can businesses achieve high employee morale, and what other benefits can it bring to the workplace?

Staff rewards are proven to increase morale, and showing staff that they are appreciated makes the workplace environment overall a more positive place to be. A team coffee break has become a workplace ritual, that allows employees to have space away from their desk to retreat to somewhere calm. Creating a space where employees can enjoy a coffee break is a low-cost and easy way for businesses to boost staff morale and show employees that they are appreciated and valued.

Below are five reasons why introducing a coffee-break space in your workplace can boost the morale of your team and mean that employees are more engaged and approach the working day with energy and enthusiasm:

1) It’s no secret that many of the most creative and successful business ideas happen away from the desk. Making a space for employees to break and have coffee together allows conversation to flow, and increases the possibility of collaborative opportunities, creativity and the growth of new ideas or projects.

2) A coffee break space can also allow employees to work through more difficult issues together, through giving them a space to talk about shared challenges, work through issues, and engage in problem-solving, which can overall promote a stronger feeling of teamwork, as employees are working towards a shared goal together.

3) Giving employees small incentives to show you appreciate them is proven to increase staff retention rates. Meaning fewer people take sick leave and job satisfaction is increased. Coffee is a low-cost but highly valuable incentive that you can offer employees to show your appreciation.

4) Coffee breaks are a small reward which can significantly increase staff well-being. Employee well-being takes employees mental and physical health into consideration, and breakout spaces for employees to relax and have an informal chat with colleagues can provide relief and retreat from the stresses and tensions of a busy office environment.

5) Coffee contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant and boosts mental performance, increases energy levels, improves concentration and is high in antioxidants and nutrients. As a result, it means employees are more engaged, productive, and energised.

Introducing a coffee culture to your workplace could be one of the best changes you make to your business, and will not just give employees a part of the day to look forward to, but could help ideas to grow and employees to thrive. By increasing job satisfaction, teamwork and positivity will be vastly improved in the office. Ensuring employees are more engaged and productive overall.


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