Grounds for eco-friendly coffee!

Grounds for eco-friendly coffee!

Joining the list of reasons coffee drinking can be good for us is the happy news that we can now consume with a clear conscience.

Just as that steaming cuppa powers us up for the day, the grounds can then be recycled and converted into advanced bio-fuels. Not only does this cut down on waste disposal, but it saves on use of fossil fuels. It’s a win-win situation.

How does it work? Very easily. Your office or workplace is supplied with special containers to collect the spent grounds. These get picked up and taken to the bio-bean recycling factory, which has the capacity to handle 50,000 tonnes a year. End products include biomass pellets and briquettes. These can be used to fire up wood-burners, stoves and even barbecues and chimeneas in the garden. The company is researching how to manufacture biodiesel. Biofuels can heat an entire building. Biochemicals can also be extracted from used coffee grounds for a vast array of commercial applications. Those reviving cups of delicious coffee that sustain and motor entire workforces can go on to become valuable green energy. There’s really no excuse now not to drink up.

The inventor behind bio-bean, Arthur Kay, has described his discovery that the high oil content in wasted coffee grounds could be turned into fuel as a “happy surprise.” Given the enormous amount of this waste material worldwide, from cafes, homes, factories and office blocks, he saw an exciting opportunity. Those who have been supportive and enthusiastic about his entrepreneurial breakthrough include Sir Richard Branson, and Boris Johnson, the former London Mayor. Anywhere and everywhere that people drink coffee, biofuel can be the end result. With eight million tonnes of coffee produced every year, the prospects are brilliant for long-term sustainability.

To sign up for this ethically impressive scheme, those in Greater London can order their bean-to-cup coffee machines and sign up to bio-bean collections at the Office Coffee Company.  Plus, our Cool Earth coffee can add to your eco credentials even more, with every order triggering a donation towards saving rainforest trees.

A coffee break has never been more rewarding. Why not book a tasting today?

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