Eco friendly coffee

Eco friendly coffee

Results show offices supplying eco-friendly Cool Earth coffee to their workforce are really making an impact on protecting the rainforests.

Results just in show thanks to contributions to the charity Cool Earth by the Office Coffee Company from sales of their coffee helped save in excess of 58,000 trees from loggers and ranchers in 2015/16 (up 21% from the previous year).

The charity, Cool Earth has a mission to halt the destruction of the world’s at-risk rainforests. They enable this by putting the local people back in control. By directly assisting the locals who are the original custodians of the forests, they have been able to create self-sustaining communities. These are at the front line of defence against the loggers.

Empowering the villagers has safeguarded an astounding half a million acres of rainforest already, at the same time as improving well-being, education, health and incomes. The villages in the Cool Earth scheme link up to form a “shield” which effectively deters the dozers and destroyers.

Coffee machines provided by the Office Coffee Company not only provide excellent coffee, every cup drunk has an ethical effect. Businesses that have signed up to Cool Earth blends are investing in the future of the world by making a coffee choice that truly benefits the indigenous producers, their lives and livelihoods, and the endangered tropical rainforests they inhabit.

Assistant facilities manager, Greg Sharp of Euromoney Investor, said “2014/2015 we achieved the Gold commendation certificate from Clean City Award Scheme alongside with City of London. To achieve this grade we have not only have to accomplish a good recycling rate, but you have to think of something that will make you stand out. The Office Coffee Company has assisted us in expressing the benefits of not only sustainable waste with coffee grind recycling, but ethical procurement of their Cool Earth Coffee range, which has benefited us in locking up carbon by protecting the south American rainforest and communities that live there.”

Buying coffee for the office is a necessity. Buying delicious Cool Earth Coffee turns that purchase into trees saved. It’s truly a win-win situation.


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