Do you know your Americano from your Macchiato?

If you’re keen on coffee but not sure what to choose, we’re going to navigate through the most popular different styles to ensure you look like a pro when it comes to getting your daily caffeine fix.


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There is a huge variety of options out there from the classic caffè latte to the ever-popular cappuccino and the trend-led Dalgona to the decadent Vienna. Whether you like something sugary sweet or bold and pure, there is always a coffee to suit your mood.


The Italian grandmaster of coffee, the espresso is believed to have been invented by Angelo Moriondo. Rich, strong and just pure coffee, espresso is delivered as a single or double shot and is created by driving high pressured steam through the coffee grounds.


Also espresso-based, a cappuccino is all about the perfect ratio. In this instance, it’s equal layered parts of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam. Loved by Italians as a breakfast drink, for an extra special treat you can top your cappuccino with chocolate shavings too.

Caffè Latte

A latte contains the same parts as a cappuccino but the ratio is much different. Translated from Italian, it simply means coffee with milk, and a latte is made up of one-third espresso, two-thirds of steamed milk and just a little milk foam added on top. Soothing and sweet, a latte is often served in a taller cup than a cappuccino.


Stronger than a cappuccino, a macchiato is bold and beautiful, with its shot of espresso served with a topping of foamed milk. Translated from Italian, macchiato means ‘marked’ and that’s exactly what you get. An espresso that's literally stamped with a wonderful dollop of milk foam.


Different to espresso in the way that it's made, an Americano is a shot of espresso with boiling water added afterwards. In Italy, this is what's known as a regular black coffee and the addition of the hot water makes it a less concentrated flavour than an espresso.

Flat white

Silky and uncomplicated, the flat white originated in New Zealand or Australia, depending on which story you believe! Using less milk than a latte, the flat white has a higher coffee ratio and is traditionally made with whole milk. Strong, smooth and easy to drink, the name comes from the steamed milk and refined line of microfoam used on top. The key to a great flat white is in the blending.

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