Choose organic for your coffee

Choose organic for your coffee

You love coffee but have you ever considered the difference between conventional and organic coffee?

We love coffee for its distinctive bitter taste, enticing aroma and the fact that you can simply sit and savour it by yourself, in the office or in a social gathering. For many, coffee equals happiness. But have you ever considered the difference between conventional and organic coffee? Below we look at the difference and why you should choose organic.

The healthier option

We all love a cup of coffee in the morning to get the day started, but when you choose organic coffee, you will also be helping to prevent chronic diseases. Studies have also shown that drinking organic coffee can prolong lifespan. The reason for these findings is because the farms where organic coffee is grown have to adhere to strict guidelines, meaning that no pesticides or chemicals are used. This has a direct impact upon physical health.

The chemical treatment

As already mentioned, organic coffee plants are grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. This is in direct contrast to conventionally grown coffee. Conventionally grown coffee plants are heavily reliant upon the use of synthetic fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides. This has a devastating and harmful impact upon the local and affected environment, in which the coffee plants are grown, as well as the farmers and local people who live there. These individuals are exposed to the chemicals that are used, which are sprayed onto the crops and by handling them. The chemicals can also be airborne and get into the water supply. None of this is good news, nor acceptable. When you buy organic coffee, the land, water and people who grow the coffee plants are not exposed to any harmful chemicals.

The way in which the coffee plants grow

When we consider how both conventional and organic coffee plants are grown, then there really is no contest as to which we should choose. Conventional coffee plants are often hybrids, that are forced to grow in direct and harsh sunlight. This is not how coffee plants should be grown, as they flourish best in the shade. To grow coffee the organic way takes more time, more land and patience. The sad reality of conventional grown coffee plants is that the natural eco system is destroyed to make way for mass production. Often the natural animal inhabitants are left without a home, or are subjected to the use of harmful chemicals. This does not happen with organic coffee production.

Choose organic

The organic coffee market has grown considerably in the last few years. The reason for this is because people want to feel good about themselves, and feel good about the coffee that they drink. Knowing that the coffee has been grown the natural way and that farmers are being paid a decent wage, makes everyone happy. You will also be tasting a more superior coffee. Choose coffee that supports the environment and farmers.

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