Are you on your Coffee game?

Are you on your Coffee game?

As coffee purists will tell you, not all coffees are born equal. To truly savour this wonderful beverage in all its glory, you need to know some key facts.

It’s the most popular drink in the world – with about two billion cups of coffee consumed every single day. The British alone gulp down 95 million cups of coffee daily. That’s an eye-watering, taste bud tingling increase of 25 million cups of coffee when compared to ten years ago! Peak time is the morning – that’s probably no surprise as coffee is a much loved “pick me up”, particularly when we first arrive at work. Making sure it tastes “the business”, means you look good as an employer, and heaven forbid you’re a loser in the coffee stakes when your best customers visit!

Instant fact on coffee

For a start, many supermarket jars of instant coffee contain a potentially alarmingly amount of acrylamide, a harmful chemical that can be created from processing beans. But the bottom line is that instant coffee can be poor on taste and flavour. If you use it in your workplace due to cost and speed, you’re probably unaware of how affordable and quick modern office coffee machines are.

When you “Bean” the best

To be assured of the best-tasting coffee, then only fresh and organic beans should be used. One of the most important words in that last sentence is “fresh”. Coffee beans exposed to light, air and moisture quickly lose their quality. The optimum time is a short window of a few weeks after the beans have been carefully roasted. If they’re stored for a short time, then an airtight container helps of course. However, the best taste comes from coffee beans that pass from the growers to your mug as quickly as possible!

If you think buying supermarket filter beans or ground coffee for your office is better than jars of instant stuff, then you’re right. But it doesn’t mean you’re totally on your coffee game. You have no real idea how long that coffee has been travelling for, or sitting on the shelves!

To be a true coffee connoisseur - showing your colleagues and contacts that you know your stuff – then even pre-ground coffee is a no-go. Preferably, buy beans then grind them just before you brew the perfect beverage.

If that sounds like “faff” fear not. There are some superb “bean to cup” office coffee machines available. They only use fresh, ethically sourced beans, regularly topped up. They prepare your coffee swiftly, but in the perfect condition. Showing you to be a force to be reckoned with in your attention to detail!

”Water” lot to think about

To show that when it comes to coffee (and business) you get it right, think water!

Not specially imported “coffee water” though. Local water sources are often fine for this job. Not least as over purified and bland water can make coffee taste a little “flat”.

It’s how it’s applied and in what quantity that makes the difference.

Too much and you get a watery cup of java. Too little and you get rocket fuel – which suits some folks but not everyone. In fact, it may have some of your office colleagues bouncing off the ceiling. A machine that offers choices and the perfect balance keeps the entire team happy.

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