6 easy ways to green up your office today

6 easy ways to green up your office today

As the old adage says, think global, act local. With that in mind, here are just six easy ways to make your office greener.

In the 21st century, consumers do not only expect the companies on the marketplace to be providing the best product at the best price; they are also increasingly demanding companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and green practices. At the Office Coffee Company we believe a little can go a long way in the work environment, and employees will feel a lot of pride and camaraderie if they know they are working for a firm who truly takes environmental issues seriously.

1) Limit excessive consumption and waste

Rather than sticking with the old coffee machine that churns out used pods all day long, think of going with a press or bean to cup coffee maker to reduce unnecessary waste. Not only will this help to reduce the amount of environmentally unfriendly filters being used, but your employees will also love having a much tastier cup of coffee!

2) Think reusable and sustainable

If your office space is stocked with a large amount of plastic disposable cutlery, glasses, and dishes, think of switching to more reusable, sustainable utensils. Rather than just throw away a plastic coffee cup, encourage employees to use a “proper” mug that they can wash and reuse. If someone pops out for takeaway coffee, get them to use a “keep cup” and limit the use of unnecessary disposable products.

3) Seek out organic and green supplies

There are a host of ways that offices can become greener, and going organic is just one of them. Rather than going for chain-bought fruit and veg in the office kitchen, seek out organic alternatives that are more environmentally friendly. When you are looking to re-stock tea and coffee supplies, go for products that are organic over the mass-produced items from large firms.

4) Bring greenery into the office

Aside from making your office more sustainable, adding a dash of greenery into the office is a sure-fire way to boost morale and get people thinking about the importance of going green. Having lots of plants and flowers around the office can help to clean the air, and generally just make people feel better about their work environment. Encourage employees to keep plants on their desks and quite literally go “green”.

5) Think home-made at work

A great way to reduce the environmental impact of a work environment is to encourage employees to bring food and drink from home. Rather than stocking a work kitchen full of food, get people to bring home-made lunches in reusable, sustainable containers to reduce the collective footprint. Bringing things from home is also a great way to foster a community spirit, as people can share their home-made delights. Anything from brownies made with love and care, to home-made organic coffee in a reusable flask, will help to brighten the mood in the workplace.

6) Get competitive about being green

To truly go green, we all have to pitch in. Try to challenge your employees to compete with each other over how green they can go. Have prizes for people who reduce their carbon footprint the most, or for the employee who goes organic and sustainable more than anyone else. Is there a group of employees who always go to get takeaway coffee on their lunch break? Have a prize for the person who uses the least disposable cups, or brings in their own flask from home!

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