5 tips to make switching to black coffee easy

Whether you want to remove empty calories from your diet or you are going dairy-free and don't like the taste of plant-based milk, transitioning to high-quality black coffee can be difficult.


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Your normal coffee routine is practically ingrained into you so making the change can be hard to adjust to. However, it doesn't have to be overnight, so here are a few tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Taste the coffee before adding anything

Before adding anything to your coffee, take a moment to taste it when it's black and don't just take a sip, properly taste it and think about the flavours you are getting out of it because high-quality coffee should be savoured. This will help prompt you into thinking about what you like and dislike about black coffee. If it's possible, set aside a small amount of black coffee once it has cooled down to room temperature and then taste it. By doing this, the flavours will be more pronounced and noticeable, giving you more of an idea if you like it or not.

Slowly decrease the amount of milk and sugar

Once you roughly know how much sugar and/or milk you put into your coffee each time, reduce the amount by a quarter every few weeks. If you find that unenjoyable or can just about manage it, stick with it for a few days before going back to your preferred coffee. However, you might find that your coffee now is too milky or sugary, prompting you to go for a slightly blacker brew.

Try different coffee beans

Nowadays there is an unlimited amount of different coffee beans to choose from, and switching to black coffee can be made easier by identifying certain beans which you like or dislike. This will help you grow accustomed to drinking black coffee quicker, as some will be sweeter than others, which is ideal if you miss milk or sugar.

Use a medium roast

Choosing a roast which is too dark, or even too light can affect your transition to black coffee as a dark roast can be bitter while a lighter roast can be a bit sharp with little roasting flavour. For a normal cup of black coffee, a high-quality medium roast of freshly ground coffee beans is the safest bet as it offers a balance between the roast flavour and bean properties. If you want to be brave and have a darker roast, then an espresso drink will be the best option.

Keep a journal

This might sound unusual but keeping track of what you put in your coffee and what you like/don't like is incredibly handy. You can make your own rating system so you know what to try next time and what to keep away from, making your transition to black coffee a little easier.

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