How to get your boss to approve your new coffee machine

How to get your boss to approve your new coffee machine

So, how do you convince your MD to approve this wonderful innovation? Here are some hints to help you persuade the boss that a new coffee machine is the way to go.

Many office workers find that a delicious cup of fresh coffee or two can really perk up their day. But rather than making your own cup of instant in the office kitchen, wouldn’t it be great to have a coffee machine in your office, producing high-quality, barista-style beverages any time you want one?

Improved productivity

In a busy office environment, focus is all-important if staff members are to achieve optimum productivity and provide great customer service. Coffee is recognised as an effective pick-me-up, especially first thing in the morning and after lunch when energy levels start to flag.

By providing workers with a coffee machine, a ready source of important hydration is also conveniently available, helping the workforce to maintain concentration and focus on their work.

When taking phone calls, happy workers reflect this mood to clients and third party suppliers, helping to create a positive vibe about the whole organisation; a small price to pay for the addition of a coffee machine to the workplace.

Decreased downtime

In preference to a cup of instant coffee made in the office kitchen (if there is one), workers are often driven to head off-site in search of a decent brew. Time spent travelling to and from local coffee houses and standing in queues at peak times is time wasted.

A coffee machine that dispenses good-quality coffee removes the need for staff members to leave the office just to get a drink, reducing costly downtime.

Better office environment

When coffee is made in the office kitchen, things invariably get messy. This means that staff members will have to spend time tidying up, cleaning, and washing dirty cups, when they should be working. You could choose a coffee machine that comes with disposable cups, which go straight into the bin after use.

The smell of freshly brewed, filter coffee wafting enticingly through the office makes for a welcoming environment for both staff and visitors. Add a few strategically placed pot plants and the atmosphere will be positively homely.

Service reliability

One objection that your boss may put forward is that coffee machines are unreliable. This is not the case with machines supplied by the Office Coffee Company. All our machines are manufactured to the highest standards and our back-up maintenance service is second to none. We also have the well-deserved reputation of being a trustworthy business.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to having a coffee machine dispensing freshly brewed filter coffee for an office workforce. Staff downtime is dramatically reduced, morale and productivity are improved, and the office environment is made more welcoming and pleasant.

All these advantages add up to a tremendous return on investment for your boss and for the whole company.

For more information on how a coffee machine could benefit your employer, ask your boss to contact the helpful team at the Office Coffee Company.

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