​4 herbal tea rituals to help you find mindfulness every day

​4 herbal tea rituals to help you find mindfulness every day

We all know the importance of finding calm in our busy, modern lives. Time to walk, relax, take a break. But actually finding the time to stop can be difficult.

With so much to do, so many people to see and social media to keep updated, modern life can feel like a constant race to do as much as possible.

However, taking time to relax is really important for lowering blood pressure and de-stressing. As stress is a huge factor in many health concerns, it’s something we all need to prioritise. However, taking whole swaths of time to chill can cause more stress than anything, so here we have four mini rituals to help you unwind with the help of a delicious herbal tea.

1) Mindful Mornings

Setting our alarms can feel stressful, but waking up early to enjoy some time before heading out to work is a great way to fit in some mindful minutes before the day has even truly begun. Consider a zingy tea such as ginger to help you wake up. Enjoy this with a few moments of meditation or sitting outside on a nice day.

2) Calm Chamomile

Chamomile tea has a multitude of benefits, including a relaxing aroma and delicate taste. During a busy morning, take a moment to make a cup of chamomile tea. The process of pouring the water over the tea bag and breathing in the relaxing aroma will be a pause for thought before you drink the tea on the go and get back to working hard!

3) After Lunch Mints

Mint tea is fantastic for aiding digestion and when stress hits, it’s often our digestive systems which are worst affected. Whether it’s because time doesn’t allow for eating properly or you’re tense from all that rushing around, as soon as we are stressed we can get heartburn and our bowels can start to struggle. Avoid indigestion and aid any stomach pains with the help of a mint tea. Subtle in taste and deliciously refreshing after lunch, it’s a great way to start the afternoon.

4) Home and Chill

Get home, step into your slippers, pull on a cosy jumper and make a relaxing cup of turmeric tea. Well-loved for thousands of years for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is a wonder spice. Once home, put on the kettle and take a few deep, slow breaths while the kettle boils. Enjoy the peace and quiet of being home. Pour the water onto the tea bag and watch the water infuse to a delicate golden colour. Sit in your favourite chair and drink, letting the stresses of the day fall away.

5) Night night, sleep tight

Insomnia is an ever-growing problem amongst the busy and ambitious! There’s no shame in wanting to use your time wisely, but if you stay awake all night you won’t be firing on all cylinders the next day. Prepare for sleep with a cup of bedtime tea including valerian root and lavender to aid sleep. Take your cup of tea to bed and sit with candles lit, listening to restful music. Tea drunk, you’ll soon drift off…

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