10 ways to be happy in the office

10 ways to be happy in the office

​The first frost has arrived and nights are drawing in so what can we do to peck up our spirits and keep motived at work?

We all want to be happy, and it’s no secret that the happier we are, the more productive we are. Here are some of our top tips for staying cheerful in the workplace.

10. Start strong
Those extra minutes in bed might seem tempting, but a little time to have a coffee and plan your day can make all the difference to your mood.

9. Make friends with your colleagues
Putting effort into getting along with your coworkers pays off - after all, you spend all day together! You don’t have to get together every weekend, but remember to share a good joke when you hear one.

8. Personalise your space
Put out a photo that makes you smile, or treat yourself to some flowers. If you don’t have your own desk, try bringing in your favourite mug.

7. Keep nourished and hydrated
It’s hard to stay chipper when your stomach’s growling. Don’t skip lunch, and keep healthy snacks to hand. Remember to stay hydrated, too!

6. Help someone out
Doing something that benefits someone else is a surefire way to feel better about yourself.

5. Let someone help you
If you’ve got too much on your plate, don’t suffer alone. Let someone else get that endorphin boost by helping you!

4. Take a break
Regular breaks keep you relaxed and motivated. Research shows that caffeine can help you to make fewer mistakes, too.

3. Look for meaning
It’s not quite as simple as taking a coffee break, but remembering the bigger picture is essential to work satisfaction. Think about what drew you to your job, people you’ve helped, or goals you’ve achieved.

2. Keep things fresh
It can be easy to feel down if every day is the same. Organising an office event is a perfect way to shake things up and have fun as a team. Our tasting sessions make a welcome change in the week.

1. Say ‘thank you’
Thinking about what you’re grateful for is a powerful way to shift your perspective to the good things in life. Saying ‘thank you’ to a colleague has the added bonus of making them feel good, too!

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