Why office workers need incredible coffee

Why office workers need incredible coffee

We take a look at why creating a community among your employees can help creativity, boost morale and encourage staff retention.

“In an age of social disconnection, it falls on the office to help build a community”, stated Christine Murray, Editor-in-Chief of the Architectural Review, earlier this year.

We agree, providing great, free, coffee can help create a community at work and also improve wellbeing among employees in the many ways:

1. A hot coffee can break the ice

Offering a coffee to a visitor, a new starter or a colleague who is having a bad day can ‘break the ice’ at the beginning of a conversation, helping the connection to flow. It can be a great way to start a tricky conversation or make someone feel really welcome in your office.

2. Grabbing a coffee can provide a well-deserved desk break

It’s healthy to get up and walk around the office several times a day, to take a screen break, to get your circulation going and prevent bad posture. Getting up to grab a coffee can provide the ‘excuse’ for that well-deserved breather.

3. A way to say ‘thank you’ to the team

Employee benefits can help with staff retention and free coffee not only saves your staff several pounds every day on their spending, it’s also a great way to show them that they are appreciated. When the recession hit, companies were seen to get rid of certain staff benefits in the office… show your staff that your business is strong and you care about them by offering some practical perks.

4. Coffee can help ideas percolate!

It is no coincidence that Google famously ensures staff are never far from beverages and meals, it’s also in order to ‘inspire innovative thinking’. Your company doesn’t have to be the size of Google before you think about stimulating staff creativity.

5. It makes the office smell great!

Coffee was number four in the top 20 of Britain’s favourite smells last year! Filling the office a lovely aroma will make you a winner with staff and visitors alike. If you would like to try our incredible coffees for your office why not arrange a coffee tasting.


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