What's best - vending machines or coffee machines?

Now, if your an employer, this is where you might want to listen up…the good news for you, is that the benefits of providing your staff with coffee in the work place far outweigh the bad...


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Coffee machines

Coffee can be magic, it can help workers to perform better, promote brain function, memory and energy levels- everything you need for happy and high achieving employees.

The numerous benefits of coffee, make it a no brainer when it comes to ensuring that coffee is an essential part of office life. However, a recent survey by the Office Coffee Company found that 89% of office workers thought that the quality of their office coffee was important. So important in fact, that 63% of workers chose to head to the local coffee shop rather than drink the free coffee available to them in their workplace.

So where does that leave you, Mrs Office Manager, gone are the days when giving your employees any ol' coffee would make you Santa Clause of the office world. Instead, you now have to make sure the coffee you provide is actually good coffee, because nobody wants to drink that 'instant stuff' anymore.

And good coffee was certainly what Phil, a Strategic Implementation Director, from Financial Advisors, Open Work, was looking for when he came to the Office Coffee Company with a real desire to improve the quality of drinks for their 300 office staff.

Open Work had previously been using instant coffee but were desperate to ditch this average tasting coffee and make the move towards a high quality coffee machine that could produce delicious hot drinks in a similar amount of time. The obvious choice for them initially was the use of vending machines.

Take the fact that a vending machine allows you to choose from a range of hot drinks, at a relatively cheap cost in a pretty speedy amount of time, then its not surprising that coffee vending machines tend to be the first go-to for many businesses to give their employees the caffeine they crave.

Now this is all very well and good, until the time comes to actually drink the product you have purchased from your shiny new vending machine. Far from a coffee shop style experience, the initial taste is usually something less satisfying and generally an all-round disappointing experience. If this sounds familiar to the goings on in your office, then you are overriding all the good you have done by rewarding your staff with coffee only to dissapoint them with something that only just passes as such. They could be outraged, they will hate you, they will skive work to go to the local coffee shop.

Not only will your staff be upset by your choice of poor coffee though, but also your bank balance won’t be too happy with you either! Although fairly cheap to acquire, coffee vending machines will cost you a considerable a lot of money when you continue to pay for every service, call out and must pay for someone to come and refill your machine on a regular basis.

This was something that Open Work had previously found to be a problem on their quest for quality coffee. ‘We were refreshingly surprised with the straightforward way in which the Office Coffee Company seemed to run their business, which was in contrast to our experience of some other traditional vending companies’.

After contacting the Office Coffee Company and reviewing the fresh bean to cup coffee service, the team at Openwork found this to be the most suitable coffee and machine for their needs. Unlike some traditional vending machines, bean to cup machines use fresh, good quality beans to ensure that the drinks they dispense are just like those you’d find in a coffee shop. A bean to cup machine requires you to use only the ingredients you need and provides a simple cleaning and maintenance programme, meaning no nasty extra costs.

It were these obvious benefits that lead Open Work to choose the quality beans and a state of the art bean to cup machine over a traditional office vending machine. The bean to cup machines proved to be a success with the team at Open Work's office in Swindon and were installed in the company's London office where they replaced traditional vending machines. For Phil, the choice to provide office workers with a quality coffee shop experience at work, really was the right decision:

‘Having made the decision to choose the Office Coffee Company, we’ve been delighted with the results. The machines look good and have been very reliable. The service provided has met all of the promises made before the contract was signed and, most importantly, our staff love the coffee and see the new machines as a real benefit.”

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a quality bean and a state of the art bean to cup machine for your office today and starting reaping the benefits of quality coffee and happy employees.

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