We're now officially a little bit greener

We're now officially a little bit greener

We're big on sustainability and the environment seriously which is why we are delighted to receive recognition for a 33% reduction in emissions, per employee.

Here at the the Office Coffee Company, we’re so incredibly proud to be sharing this latest bit of news with you. Strongly committed to being as eco-friendly as possible, we’re always striving to reduce our carbon footprint, and we’ve well and truly done it this time.

Slashing our emissions by an incredible 33 percent per employee, and 2.7 percent overall, we have managed to retain the sought after Planet Mark – providing indelible proof of our dedication to ensuring optimum sustainability at all times.

In doing this, we’re pleased to have shown that going green doesn’t have to hinder commercial success. The fastest growing workplace office coffee machine supplier, we have nonetheless managed to maintain our certification for the fourth year running, after having already reduced our carbon footprint per employee by 32.7 percent the year before.

Proving that carbon emissions reductions can go hand-in-hand with business growth, we managed to increase company turnover and employee numbers by 43 and 44 percent respectively over the same period.

Due to the hard work of our team, we were thus able to report a relative carbon footprint of just 3.5 tonnes of CO2 per employee for the year ending December 2016, improving on a figure of 5.2 tonnes in 2015. Our total carbon footprint fell from 46.6 tonnes to 45.4 tonnes – a decrease that we hope will be even more dramatic come the close of 2017.

It’s fair to say that we even managed to surprise ourselves with these amazing achievements. Having hoped to cut our emissions by 5 percent rather than a phenomenal 32.7 percent, we largely have a 10 percent reduction in fleet emissions to thank, one which was due to our decision to invest in hybrid electric vehicles as opposed to more traditional transport.

As our founder Richard Doherty explained at our award presentation: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are delighted to be recognised by The Planet Mark in this way. It really does prove that sustainability is not marketing hype for us. It means that as well as supplying ethical and sustainable coffee, we are showing measurable progress on operational sustainability too.”

This has been rooted in our company ethos since our founding in 2011, and is just one of the reasons that we have invested in both the Eden Project, which supports education on climate change, and a charity called Cool Earth.

Going green has ever been a part of our mission. Supplying Cool Earth Coffee alongside our machines, we have been able to use our business practices to directly protect both endangered areas of rainforest and the communities whose lives depend upon such environments since our beginnings.

As part of this, we have helped to protect 391 acres of rainforest in the last year alone – roughly the equivalent of 200 football pitches – by safeguarding them from the illegal logging that poses such a risk.

As our other founder, Steve Malkin, explains: “The way Office Coffee has grown its business while making significant reductions in its carbon footprint is a real testament to the ethos of the business. It shows that if you take care of the planet and the people, there are tangible economic benefits. It’s fantastic to see Office Coffee and its customers making such an impact on protecting the rainforest through Cool Earth.”

To help us continue with our mission to make the world a better place, get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and how to hire them.

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