The problems with staff leaving the office for coffee

The problems with staff leaving the office for coffee

We take a look at coffee and productivity and what happens when an office doesn't provide a good coffee solution for their employees.

Coffee has become so ingrained in the daily routine of people working in the UK that if staff don’t need a cup to get out of bed then they’ll certainly be craving their first one by the time they’re sat at their desk in the morning.

There’s certainly no problem with this. In fact, a cup of the brown stuff can be a great tool to increase productivity and build relationships in an office environment. The problem only arises when staff are left with no option but to leave the office to get their hands on a good cup of coffee. With this in mind, here’s why employees should be catered for rather than having to venture off the premises for coffee.


The right amount of coffee can leave people feeling lively and energetic. In fact, the average cup of coffee typically contains in the region of 95mg of caffeine, meaning it’s often just the thing to help workers feel alert while doing their jobs. The problem arises when staff start using some of that valuable energy to trek to the nearest coffee shop. Just a brisk 10-minute walk and standing around in a queue can make some people feel like they need a rest by the time they return to their desk.


Productivity is the name of the game in any office environment. Unfortunately, staff won’t be getting on with their jobs in they’re nipping across the street to the nearest coffee shop every time that they need a caffeine kick. Ultimately precious time will be wasted that could have otherwise been spent hitting targets and making money.


Make no mistake about it: people will walk through wind, rain and snow if it means that they can get their hands on a cup of the hot stuff. This isn’t exactly practical for office workers, who should ideally look presentable and professional while carrying out their jobs. On the other hand, employees wouldn’t have to face such unpractical conditions if there were coffee machines already available in the office.


The markup on shop-bought coffee can make the beverage almost extortionate. When left with no other option, workers will still pay these prices – often at the risk of becoming bitter and resentful about the company they work for. This can create a bad atmosphere in the office, leading towards long-term ill will between staff and management.


There’s a fabulous social aspect to coffee. This is especially helpful in office environments where staff can chat, bond and strategise over a cup of the hot stuff. Unfortunately, this social element can be lost when staff are forced to venture out of the office for coffee. In most cases people will go alone, meaning they won’t get to enjoy the bonding session that can come from everyone sharing a brew together during the working day.

There’s a solution!

The Office Coffee Company provides a range of coffee machines for office environments. One of these on the premises will mean that staff won’t have to leave the workplace for a cup of coffee, therefore reducing the risk of incurring these problems. For information on how we can improve your work culture, get in touch with us for a chat.

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