The British love affair with the bean

The British love affair with the bean

Don’t think for one minute that coffee is just an invigorating! It’s very much a part of British culture and has been for some time.

People overseas may see the British as a nation of tea drinkers, and of course beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages in the evenings. But did you know that in the UK around 70 million cups of coffee are drunk every day?

Think about it… When we reconnect with people we haven’t seen for a while, how many times do we say “Let’s meet up for coffee soon and catch up”? It’s a staple part of socialising.

In business meetings, one of the most welcoming ice-breakers is to ask “Would you like a cup of coffee?” There is something subconsciously relaxing about holding a warming and aromatic mug of freshly brewed coffee while we chat. What’s more, the simple act of sharing a break while you consume a beverage can be a great leveller for board rooms or staff clusters.

Not that this is new. In 17th and 18th-century England, public coffee houses were where you went for conversation and to do deals. Then tea happened and coffee went out of fashion until recent years.

Today, it is everywhere. How many service stations, supermarkets and local convenience stores now offer an express caffeine fix?

That aside, the British are also not just becoming appreciators of “the bean”, they are becoming coffee geeks! They are aware that the wide choice of flavours and styles means it can be a personal experience. They increasingly want to know that their cup of coffee is not from factory-produced powder but the delicious fruits of craftsmanship that grinds beans to create a fresh and “real” taste.

Beans are coming from all over the world, and new ideas and techniques to make coffee drinking an experience and “social glue” are giving rise to a growing demand for good-quality coffee in a range of communities, venues and workplaces.

So, with every sip you take, drink in the cultural richness. Or you could just enjoy it without any other thought than “Wow, great coffee”.

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