​Saving the rainforest whilst you work (and enjoy a coffee)

​Saving the rainforest whilst you work (and enjoy a coffee)

In the last 40 years over half of the world's rainforest has been destroyed. Enjoying a cup of coffee at work is just one small way you can do your bit.

In the last decade, Cool Earth has saved over 900,000 acres of the world’s rainforest – that adds up to more than 215,000,000 trees and locking in 234,000,000 tonnes of CO2. When you consider global sustainability efforts, the charity has made a substantial contribution in its first ten years. The Office Coffee Company has been a part of the charity’s efforts for the last seven years, with the support of our customers. In the last year alone wit the support of our customers we’ve helped to protect 391 acres of rainforest – that’s almost the equivalent of 200 football pitches – from illegal logging and ranchers.

We’re passionate about protecting the environment and we know that our customers are too. That’s why every September we inform our customers of their contribution.  At a time when corporate sustainability reporting (CSR) is becoming more important and could win you more business, our certificate can add weight to your claims and demonstrate a commitment that expands to your supply chain.

2017 has been a great year for the UK’s largest independent provider of actuarial, administration, and consultancy services – Barnett Waddingham – is another of our satisfied customers. The business’ strong focus on supporting sustainable objectives wherever possible, including cutting out adverse social and environmental impact in its supply chain makes it a perfect fit for the Office Coffee Company. During 2016/17 Barnett Waddingham saved 3,300 trees, the equivalent of 11 acres of rainforest, supporting its wider sustainability goals.

As part of our work with Cool Earth we work with 16 Ashaninka villages in Peru to shield millions of rainforest trees against destruction. We’ve empowered 174 families in these villages by investing in grower communities, not only benefiting the community involved by the surroundings too. Our partnership with Cool Earth forms our goal to bring you and your employees fresh, organic, and ethically sourced coffee that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Our sustainability credentials go beyond our partnership with Cool Earth too. Meeting international Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade standards, our range of delicious coffee is crafted to benefit producer, communities, and the natural environment.

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