Revolutionise your coffee break with a fresh milk coffee machine

Revolutionise your coffee break with a fresh milk coffee machine

Say hello to the office hero, our new bean to cup coffee machine that uses fresh milk to provide a range of barista quality coffee drinks.

As anyone who has ever worked in an office knows, coffee is an absolute staple of the working day. Beyond its excellent taste and ability to perk up even the most sluggish of employees, coffee provides a good excuse to punctuate the day with a quick break to catch up and bond with colleagues.

At the Office Coffee Company, we understand that office coffee hasn’t always been renowned for its taste or quality. With most companies offering limited resources and professional baristas more likely to reside down the street in stylish coffee shops, workers often end up resorting to instant coffee or overpriced cups from chains. In this way, great cups of coffee are few and far between in the modern workplace. What’s more, they are often packaged in wasteful disposable cups which do nothing for the environment.

This is where our Italian-made fresh milk bean to cup coffee machine comes in, also known as the Hero. Designed with the workplace in mind, it brings barista-quality coffee straight to office and makes up to 100 hot drinks a day. It is easy to use and maintain, meaning that all employees have the opportunity to enjoy truly delicious coffee every day. So what are the special features of the Hero?

A range of drink options

Everyone has their own individual tastes when it comes to coffee, and this is something we have worked hard to cater for in our machine designs. The Hero features 16 different drinks choices for workers to enjoy including espresso, americano’s, cappuccino flat white or even a hot chocolate. There is ample room for the milk in the 4 litre fridge next to the coffee machine.

Discover a range of ethical and speciality coffee

Lovingly roasted our range of organic, fairtrade and speciality coffee performs wonderfully in the Hero thanks to the barista brewer. You’ll be impressed and surprised at the consistent quality of drinks your office can enjoy.

Caring for the environment

In a bid to combat the wasteful coffee culture prevalent in today’s society, we make sure our coffee is made from a reliably sustainable source. Indeed, our Cool Earth Coffee makes sure that the world’s rainforests are not affected by our products. On top of this, every purchase made provides a sum that goes directly to Cool Earth and their efforts to combat the effects of climate change and deforestation. A world away from the wasteful coffee pushed out on the high street!

Office friendly - full set up and training for everyone

We understand that not everyone is familiar with coffee machines or how they work, so we offer full installation and training services free of charge with every purchase of the Hero. As part of this, we ensure that the machine works perfectly with our range of speciality coffees, all of which are bound to put a smile on employees’ faces from first taste.

Book a coffee discovery session to discover what the Hero could do for you

We realise that purchasing new office equipment can be quite a commitment, so offer a special tasting service for interested parties. If you like the sound of our delicious new bean to cup coffee machine, why not book a tasting so you and your colleagues can experience the depth of flavour that our coffees offer for yourselves?

Visit the website to find out more about booking a tasting or download our brochure with full pricing or contact us to set up a meeting.

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