Our sustainable coffee story

Our sustainable coffee story

Way back in the annals of our history we were continuing our exhaustive search for the perfect coffee and we came across something amazing.

Back in the early days of the Office Coffee Company we discovered an amazing environmental charity, Cool Earth, who in 2010 launched a new coffee with Vivienne Westwood, a well-known environmental campaigner, and designer of dazzling clothes.

Cool Earth protects the vital rainforests from destruction by ranchers and loggers, both stopping climate change and making sure that the homes and livelihoods of the indigenous people are safe.

With such an inspired blend of two of our favourite things - saving the planet and coffee - we knew we wanted to partner with Cool Earth and help them reach out to offices through a range of ethical coffees.

And we were happier still when we found out that, with every purchase of coffee, a donation was made to help protect the rainforest. So, now your morning cup of coffee can be even more ‘feel good’ than usual.

Your morning coffee journey starts when we zip that precious nectar to you in record time by roasting it here in the UK.

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Next we package it in compostable packaging (in 2015 we were the first in the UK to introduce compostable packing) and send it speeding to you via our carbon neutral courier partner.

And when you’ve enjoyed your morning brew and our coffee has done its job, it takes on a whole new lease of life when it is recycled into 100% carbon neutral fuel, by our brilliant friends from Bio-Bean.

A lot has happened since those early days. We’ve won some awards and been awarded the Planet Mark business certification for our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

We continue to work with smallholder farmers and sell the best ethical coffee from Fairtrade – (which pays smallholders a fair price for their goods), Rainforest Alliance, and Organic Farms.

Who knew that morning cuppa could save the planet?

We’ll drink to that! With coffee, naturally.

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