How to choose the perfect coffee

You need a boost after a meeting and find yourself standing in front of the office coffee machine, favourite mug in hand. But what do you choose?


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It can seem like a minefield, but there’s a perfect coffee for every occasion. We explain the most popular coffee drinks and how to enjoy them, so you know exactly what to go for next time you need a pick-me-up.


A good espresso is the essential base of all coffees. Derived from the Latin term ‘Expresese’, which means ‘to press out’, the perfect espresso is a smooth, rich and thick coffee. It’s made by forcing water through finely ground coffee beans to create a concentrated caffeinated liquid. As well as being used in many combinations to create a whole host of drinks, it can be enjoyed on its own when you have a deadline and need a shot of energy. Go double for an extra caffeine kick.

Flat white

Everyone’s talking about flat whites. Even the big coffee chains have adopted this hugely popular drink and it’s fast becoming a firm favourite with consumers. We think it’s because it gives you the best of both worlds – a strong coffee hit with just the right amount of steamed milk. It’s stronger than a latte and lighter than a cappuccino, making it a great way to start your afternoon.


This firm favourite is soft, frothy and best served in a large round mug. Traditionally a breakfast drink in Italy, it’s made up of an espresso topped with equal parts of steamed and then foamed milk. The milk reduces the bitterness of the coffee making it luxurious drink to take your time over. A great choice when you need to warm up on a cold morning or are catching up with friends or colleagues around the break room table.


Another popular choice in coffee shops and offices around the UK, the latte is a little stronger than a cappuccino and topped with steamed rather than foamed milk (although you can have foam if you really want it!). Usually served in a glass, you should be able to see layers of delicious coffee and milk. Enjoy it with a crunchy biscotti on the side.


If you have a sweet tooth, a mocha might be the drink for you. A variation on the latte, it’s usually made with chocolate syrup or steamed chocolate milk and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. This drink comes into its own over the festive period with variations in white and dark chocolate and seasonal flavours available.


Often confused with filter coffee, this is a simple black coffee made with espresso and hot water. The Americano is a clean, fresh, strong coffee which is perfect with hot milk and a sugar or two for sweetness. Ideal for an after lunch pick-me-up or a post-meeting treat.

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