Five of the world's coolest offices

Five of the world's coolest offices

​Office design and layout is extremely important to overall worker satisfaction and happiness.

Contemporary offices now do not always meet the expectation that they will offer a boring, grey interior that stifles creativity and productivity. Office design is now recognised as an important factor in employee motivation and some stunning layouts have been created as a result.

Some of the coolest office layouts in the world include:

The Selgas Cano Architecture Office

This stunning office is located in Madrid and features an open, glass-fronted office set in the midst of greenery and trees. The office itself features a huge open plan space in bright yellow and stark white, and employees benefit from heaps of work space with the contemporary desks, individual pods for lounging or relaxed meetings, sports facilities, a gym, and modular workspaces throughout the office so they can select preferred locations and positions for carrying out daily duties.

The Inventionland Design Factory

The Inventionland Design Factory is situated close to Pittsburgh in the United States and their office is a dream tree house creation set above a water feature and surrounded by novel cave work pods and cartoon-strip cabins. It’s vitally important that creative inventors harness all the power of the imagination working for an employer like this, so their office layout and design meets their needs exactly. Employees have spacious work areas in individual caves, offering a work layout reminiscent of The Flintstones era. A tree house balcony provides a useful meeting space, while a traditional ship in the lagoon water feature provides even more unique working opportunities giving work desks on its open plan deck and further space in the cabins and galleys.


Workers looking to sync meetings and hook up for presentations or comfortable lone working will discover the canteen area at the Dropbox HQ offers every opportunity to appreciate style, attention to detail and ease while working on different projects. A gym and several breakout rooms are also strong features of this office design.


It’s possible to take your pet pooch to work at the Airbnb offices and no detail has been omitted in the design of this grand office layout. Open plan features and expansive areas of glass create the light needed to maintain a healthy and happy workforce, while bright colours, modern art displays and squishy furnishings are also the norm.


The Facebook office features high level desking for workers preferring to stand to do their work or sit on stools, rather than traditional office chairs. Striking use of bright colourful art also adds visual appeal to relaxation areas. The office features a superb outdoor seating and relaxation area, together with landscaped gardens. Bright, airy and breezy seems to be key to Facebook’s striking office layout.

One thing many of these cool office layouts do have in common is that workplace kitchens, communal lounges and canteen areas are all considered a priority and feature striking design, furnishings and colour. Here at the Office Coffee Co, we appreciate that one more important facet affecting employee satisfaction can be the provision of high quality beverages, that’s why we offer such a huge range of beverages to suit anybody’s preferences.

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